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Anyone able to advise on best way to get from Dublin to Bruges?

which airport is best? train connections?

Thanks in advance

shrapnel222 Registered User

i'm pretty sure there's only one way there, and that's to fly to brussels and then take the train

MiCr0 Like a boss!

last time we flew aer lingus to brussels and then got the train from teh airport

folkswagen Registered User

DOes Ryaanair fly to the airport nea CHarleroi and Aer lingus the main one - I suppose the latter is the easiest -

anyone remember the approximate cost of the train fare - need to cost this first

Cheers for your help

Elbows Registered User

Its really cheap, in Charleroi you can get a combined bus(to the station) and train ticket to anywhere in Belgium for €10. Its then 2 trains to Bruges, via Brussels South, takes 90 minutes to 2 hours

folkswagen Registered User

Great info! cheers....sounds like it might be a good trip


flew to london, then got eurostar thru channel tunnel to brussles, then train to bruges.

missmatty Registered User

Bruges is lovely, you'll enjoy it

del_boy85 Registered User

Bruges is lovely, you'll enjoy it

I'll second that. It's a beautiful city.

ImDave Registered User

No doubt about it, if going to Brugge, Brussels National Airport with Aer Lingus is the best. With train connections departing from right under the terminal approx. every 30 minutes, its really simple. Buy your ticket in the airport train station for Brugge (About €25 return), and take any train to Brussels Nord (the main station in Brussels) and get a connection there for Brugge. Most trains will be posted as Ostende being the final destination. Departures leave from Brussels Nord to Brugge about every 20-40min depending on the time of day. Enjoy your trip!

empirix Banned

Note: You can get direct trains to all the major cities in Belgium, can save the difference to 30/40 mins in some cases, your possibly going on the longest journey from Brussels to beuge, a direct train will get you there in about 70 - 80 mins, indirect(on same track but stops at a hell of a lot more stations) will be a lot longer. Brugge is nice but boring(not such a bad thing), along with the rest of Belgium, lived and worked there

Personally i'd avoid Charleroi

jonny68 Registered User

I'll second that. It's a beautiful city.


folkswagen Registered User

Cheers for your help! Great to hear from ye that have travelled that way before....

Tell me then.....price wise, restaurants etc....are they similar to French prices?

ImDave Registered User

yes, prices are very similar to paris. avoid restaurants and bars in the most prominent tourist areas, i.e. market square, burg square. Some of these restaurants are of good quality, but most are only average but priced very excessivley. being realisting you are paying mostly for the view.

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