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I have a large lawn area and Im looking at making a msall veg patch. The grass is not great quality a bit mossy. Whats the best way to prep a bed in this area? Simply dig the grass out or treat it to kill it off? Obviously I dont want the grass coming back and taking over the patch? Has anyone any avice on prepping an area previously of lawn?

magicbastarder Moderator

best bet is a raised bed; you'd need some soil for that, but it's easy enough to get your hands on.

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The best way would be to double dig the area you intend to grow vegetables on. Mark out your vegetable patch. Divide it notionally into strips about 9in wide. Dig out one strip to the depth of a shovel or spade, and put the soil to one side. Turn over the sub soil in the bottom of the trench to the depth of the spade or fork. You don't want to dig out this sub soil, just open it up to improve drainage. Now turn the soil in the next trench into the trench you have just dug burying the grassy sod upside down in the bottom. Work your way across the patch until you come to the last trench. Fill it with the soil you dug from the first. The advantages of this method are that you work the soil and open it up, and you bury the grass at a depth where it will decompose into a compost. If you have any organic material like manure, peat or home made compost this could also be incorporated into the bottom of each trench. Remove weeds, roots, stones and debris as you go along. This should give you a nice workable and well drained soil into which you can sow or plant your vegetables or on which you can make raised beds.

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I spilt a bottle of Jeyes Fluid on my brand new " Grey Gloss "kitchen tiles. They cost me a fortune :-(

I mopped it up and in doing so I removed all the Gloss / Sheen and they are all cloudy looking. I have tried to clean to remove this cloud with other cleaners and plain boiling water but am having no luck at all :-(

Any body have suggestions ???

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