fluffer Registered User

Anybody know if there is a waiting list for the current Audi TT? I am considering ordering one for the first week of Jan 08, but I need to time it right.

galwaytt Registered User

even if there isn't a waiting list, you can still book it for Jan 08 now.

btw - buy the S-tronic.......

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turbo Registered User

if you order today you'd get it in 10-12 weeks, the only wait is the build time

there should be no problem for Jan 08

bazz26 Registered User

Do dealers even take orders this early for Jan 08 delivery?

Calibos Registered User

I ordered mine a few days before Halloween and took delivery on March 7th IIRC. A bit more than 10-12 weeks!

I know from www.tt-forum.co.uk that the new TT is in big demand in the UK and that their waiting lists have just about stretched to Jan '08 for cars ordered now. I don't know what the Irish waiting list is like though. I don't imagine they are as bad over here as the car is so much more expensive. The only downside of ordering now is that the dealer has your deposit in his own bank account for a few months. Then again 500 euro which is the deposit I paid isn't much. I'd let him have the pittance in interest tbh to guarantee your order slot.

Fluffer, get yourself over www.tt-forum.co.uk if you haven't already. Great bunch of lads and lassies over there who'll help you spend even more money on your new TT.....eh, I mean help you choose your options.

Heres a pic of my 2.0T.

RedorDead Registered User

AFAIK if you order now, the current waiting list would mean you get the car in mid to late August, which is roughly a 14 week wait.

fluffer Registered User

I will likely order within the next 2 months. Like I said Jan 08 is the delivery date I would like to propose.

Something that worries me; if the 2008 model year is better specced, what risk do i run of losing out on that? Are new model years released actually in October or something like that?

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