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Hi ,

Just wondering if anyone can help me , I have an IQON laptop here that I have just rebuilt . Its missing a few drivers , audio , video etc .

the problem is I went onto the Iqon website and their driver page doesn't exist or just times out . I called support but the guy told me my laptop is out of warrinty and to call a premium number . I told him I was only looking for the drivers but again he said contact the 1570 numebr and they sort me out.

Anyone know where to get these drivers ?


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Go to www.everex.com and download the al the drivers for the lm7we ,these drivers wil work for al the LM7W series, if you look at your manual for your Iqon computer you will see that it is an Everex computer.

If you disable the splash screen in the Bios you will see that it is a Fujitsu siemens computer when you first turn on.

So you are saying to your self is it an Iqon computer, or is it an Fujitsu Siemens computer, or is it an Everex computer, you have to remember this computer was built by the Irish, it is an EVEREX COMPUTER.

Hope this solves this problem for you and for many others that has been pulling there hair out trying to find drivers for an Iqon computer.

Good luck from pcworker

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Thanks for that , I've gotten the modem and audio drivers for the laptop . The only thing missing is the VGA drivers . I've tried downloading the drivers listed under that model on the everex website but they're not the ones . Any other idea where I might find what graphic drivers to use ?

I'm telling ya aswell, I'd never buy an Iqon laptop ever again, it wasn't me who bought this in the first place but it looks like Iqon are a shower of cowboys !!!

I mean, all links on their site to drivers either don't exist or are down , I try calling their support desk and they try and send me to a premium €1.75 min support line .

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Emailing iQon seems to be a waste of time too, as I've never had replies to queries I had with my iQon laptop (Tesco special offer jobbie)

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Good post.

Though still a:

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a search for the drivers brought me here, i try when searching for stuff to go back and spread the answer if i find, it makes it easier for the next guy.

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I have the original images for many of the desktop and laptop computers iQon sold. PM me with your model number and I will see if I can help.


thanks for the drivers lads

couldnt find anything on google

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Thanks to heliguy for the links to the drivers.

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weird said:
I have the original images for many of the desktop and laptop computers iQon sold. PM me with your model number and I will see if I can help.

Hi,mate i have a iqon LM7WM I was wondering if you have anything for this model? THANKS.

My email address is [snip]

Thanks again.


This offer was made over two years ago, so it may be unlikely they are still available. Try PMing the user rather than bringing up an old thread.

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