Can anyone tell me what's involved in a medical exam? All the gory details.


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Usually: fill put a questionaire, then heart sounds, lung sounds, height, mass, blood pressure, vision, colour vision, routine questions (do you smoke, take alcohol, do any other drugs, any chronic/ recurring medical problems, back pain?), examine some joints, perhaps testicular check (I think your avatar looks male ). Possibly a prostate check (this would be quite a thorough medical)

Possibly a blood sample, almost definitely a urine sample, and maybe a stool sample.

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Health Screening
Full Medical for Men

This is a comprehensive medical involving a detailed medical history as well as:

* Full history
* Full examination
* Urine stix
* Full blood profile
* Lung function test
* Audiometry
* Rectal examination, PSA & FOB (for patients 40 and over)

I got that from a london based clinc's website... http://www.fleetstreetclinic.com/ip1.php?menu=2&sub_menu=2&sub_id=51


as in front says, but it depends what it is for - general check up, thorough medical or new job?

did one for a new job recently and there were very little questions. it was most of the tests infront mentions, plus quite a long hearing test. only exams were checking for hernias, reflex, joints etc. urine test. not bloods, prostate or anything (might do this if over 40)

I'm getting a check up done next week at one of those on site clinics as it is free and they do cholestrial (sp?) and also liver/kidney function/diabtetes test, prostate if you want it. although some tests are extra cost.


Couple of things really... medical for the Guards, medical for a job, medical for a visa ... just trying to see what's involved in it all.

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