Nice stories there, Macker.

In other news, have applied today for the exam, so I'll be "out there" hopefully within the next six weeks

watty Registered User

Great new forum..

BTW all Irish PERSONAL 3 letter suffixes end in B. You get a totally different pair of letters with the CW pass.

Club and special event call signs can be 3 or 4 letters and don't need to end in B.

IMO CW was obsolete in 1972 when I did my UK exam. Sometimes I do it using my 102 key "bug" key and DSP assisted decoding.
I started learing morse in 1969 but never did get the hang of it.

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dolanbaker Moderator

Hi all,

Amateur radio/CD bnrings back memories, started on CB in the mid 70's then graduated to a B license G1.. got the CW in 1980 and a G0 A license, was very active until about 1990, got married kids etc....

Must get back into it again I still have some of the gear. Left the AR88 behind in the UK

PS how easy is it to get an IE A license if I had a lapsed G A license..

watty Registered User

You don't need CW any more. Even an old UK B license is full Irish priveledges. Since you have an A licence you'll get a two letter call sign. otherwise you get a 3 letter call ending in B.

I filled in the OTDR form and sent them my City & Guilds and UK Call Sign.

Ring Comreg and ask for Derek O'Rielly in Charge of "Wireless Experimenter Licences" and he'll sort you out.


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YourName Registered User

I am brand new to this forum but heard a lot about it, been sifting through all the threads for a while now, so I thought I better get cracking at leaving a few replies . . . . . . . so without further ado . . .. . . . . .

I have become very interested in all this hobby radio stuff over the lst while but don't know much about it whatsoever, I see you have laid out frequencys where you could listen to the people talking down at Dublin Airport, I live in close proximety to it personally and would be highly interested in hearing what they say over the airwaves, what could I buy to do this, you recommend ebay a lot on the forum, I have used that several times, maybe I could pick up a radio from there, but what one exactly ????

I would enjoy doing this as a hobby as I am into technology personally, but obviously to start off I wouldn't want to spend much money . . . . .

Anybody have any recommendations? You all sound very interested in what you do on here and very well up on it, so I hope my lack of knowledge ofthe whole subject hasn't made you laugh to much over the course of you reading this comment, mainly probably the terminology I have used, but sure if any wants to leave a comment I am sure I will figure out how to use this forum and send ya one back,


Hissing Sideban Registered User

Morse is a bit like giving up smoking - you can believe it is hard, and it will be, or easy if you approach it with the right mental attitude (I have approached both in both ways...and eventually succeeded!)

The right way to learn morse is using what is known as the Koch method,
G4FON has devised an excellent (Free) programme to teach it to yourself
see http://www.g4fon.net/CW%20Trainer.htm or do a google for G4FON Morse.

Morse is great as you can work huge distances with low power and / or a practical aerial system feasible for a suburban house- - using SSB, the novelty can wear off after several dozen East Coast W's and European amateurs - (if you haven't a stonking aerial system!)

(BTW re ciggies - yer only man is (was) Allen Carr)

73 De EI3HG

tunerk Registered User

RoundyMooney said:
Feel free to post here, telling us a bit about your particular field of interest, and even about yourself if the mood takes you.


i was wondering if it would be possible to buy a raido scanner from the us or aus and would they run on our 220 volts seen some cheap ones on ebay thanks

BravoMike Registered User

Hi all,

I'm new to the forum. I have been interested in radio's for quite some time then finally picked up an Icom Ic-r5 to have a listen to whats out there. It did the job for Airband and VHF radio. Recently I picked up an Icom PCR-1500, I find it to be a great reciever combining two hobbies I.T. and radios. It has opened up a new world of decoding Acars, Automatic Picture Transmissions, and hopefully ship ais soon enough. I suppose now recieving is becomming a bit boring and I would mind venturing into Txing. A quick question, how do I go about getting the experimenters licence and can you use a simple handheld tranciever rather than a base tranciever?

CB19Kevo Registered User

Welcome to the forum, Would you not thinking of getting CB while waiting to get your licence?

BravoMike Registered User

I was thinking of that alright but I have all 40 Channels stuck into the scanner but there does not seem to be much activity here in Limerick. I have heard of a few taxi drivers having CB with a few more getting it soon enough.


Hello everybody

New around here (obviously ) so thought I should introduce myself before posting elsewhere.

Well... I like all the usual radio stuff. Bit of airband monitoring both VHF and UHF, CB, basically anything radio related really.

Like the technical aspect of the hobby a lot and spend a bit of rare free time constructing and trying out the odd new thing or two.

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