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Just wondering if anybody has any experience of what the consultant Paul McNamee is like (subject of original post)? MRI results have just confirmed that i have torn my ACL completely.

I believe the waiting list for Ray Moran is now 12 weeks - that's just for an appointment.

I only have to wait until 5th January to see Paul McNamee - he is with bon securs in glasnevin - Should i be concerned that the waiting time is so short?

Any information would be greatly appreciated,


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Hursons the business. Cant really recommend anyone else as i dont know.

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Anybody have any experience of Paul McNamee???

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Hursons the business.quote]

I see his business made the news. Again. That's some settlement.

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ill add my name to the Ray Moran fan club
had both knees done ( on seperate occasions ) and never looked back.

as far as i know quite a few of the soccer pros in England travel over to him.

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got the job by dr Hurson 15 years ago and no problems since. i have played rubgy, GAA and Soccer. I also complete a marathon and half ironman not bad for a 17 stone 6 4 monster. I was 15 when i had it done. highly recommend him

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Does anyone know anything about a Mr Murray Orthopaedic Surgeon in Galway?

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turkishspeed said:
hi guys i have to have acl surgery my doctor name is dr k. mahalingham he is indian if you know about this doctor could you pls give me some advice thank you all

I was referred to him the last time I dislocated my knee cap (happened twice) he was recommending surgery as a possibility (very small possibility it has to be said) and to stop playing rugby, my last appointment I was referred to an Orthapedic (sp) specialist in the CUH called Richardson I think, he diagnose the problem better ruled out surgery unless it happens again and explained I didnt have to give up rugby but suggested I do to eliminate the surgery in the long run.

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I have done my ACL playing Rugby before Xmas and went to A&E in Naas on the day.
They then booked me in for an appointment in their Orthopaedic Outpatient Clinic (Dr Mc Elwain) and then refered me for an MRI. MRI result confirmed that my ACL was gone and that i would also need key hole surgery to remove some cartillage first.
They then referred me to his clinic in Tallaght and got an appointment for the key hole surgery. I presume it will be his team.
I suppose once that's done, i'll have to go back to Tallaght for the ACL surgery.

Does anyone know a good surgeon in Tallaght?

Do i have to stick with that consultant or can i request a specific surgeon?

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Tightrope said:
Does anyone know anything about a Mr Murray Orthopaedic Surgeon in Galway?

2 of my friends have been to him. One of them has has 3 ACL operations on his knees and the other guy has had one. They have recommended him to me as i'm experiencing alot of pain in my knee since i started back training a few weeks ago

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McNammee is excellent. I was reffered to him by another OS who those I had damaged cartilage, the physio thought similar, but after analysing the knee and the MRI he noticed some small things that wernt adding up. it turned out I had an almost completely torn ACL that could require surgery, he reccommended surgery but gave me other options and completely explained all the paths that could be taken and the repercussions that could result from each one, at no point forcing me into surgery (which would of been to his profit)...

anyway, im booked in for the operation for march 4th, Ill report back then!

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i had my surgery 3 days ago the pain is unbelieveable mk. maha lingham i dont know when will the pain leave me alone do you know? let me know pls

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In my case pain was ok when resting . I did have pain when moving or bending the knee for about two week. Getting up and downstairs was a killer

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Ray Moran is one of the Best in Europe not alone Ireland. He has other surgeons come in on his operations to see how its done proberly. Be advised though not all ops go well. I would be also extremely concerned about getting a good physio for the rehab after surgery
as this is equally as important

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Hi there,

I just got a scope on my knee an it reveals that i have damaged my ACL. This was not spoted on my MRI and dont know the extent of the damage. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to do next? any advise until i get to see the doctor on the 1st of July?


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