warrenaldo Registered User

Hi folks,

Computer was running fine - had IE6. But i noticed that i was not able to access some web pages - as soon as i clicked them - it would go to the website cannot be found page - as if i had no internet connection or something.
Anyway i tried to install mozilla, still the same prob - this time on every page. cannot access anything. then tried to install IE7. Now i cannot access anything via Firefox or IE. Its as if i dont have an internet connection. But i can ping anything i want. i can use ftp. my internet accessible programs work.

Im just looking for an idea of what might be wrong - virus or a HTTP setting wrong?

I have Norton Internet Security and Anti-Virus - they are both expired. and turned off - going to remove those programs tonight.

mathew Registered User

sounds like a firewall to me!! Are the programs secured for access??

You say you have disabled your norton, which could mean theres an 'emerency' type firewall running, which usually just blocks all access. Ping is probably working because you secured dos for internet access when your firewall was up to date.
Removing them should do the the trick!!

warrenaldo Registered User

cheers ill def try that then - hope it works. ill try anything at this rate.

Derekm323f Registered User

I cant access the net either, did you get yours sorted??

warrenaldo Registered User

not yet. havent been home yet. ill update tomor morn and let you know. are you able to ping - just not access web?

ActorSeeksJob Registered User

Try get this program to run on your pc both of you

Please download the self-extracting version of HijackThis from here:

HijackThis_sfx download

Save HijackThis_sfx to your desktop.

Double-click the file then click the Unzip button. Then close the Self-Extractor window.

Using My Computer/Windows Explorer, navigate to C:\Program Files\HijackThis and double click on HijackThis.exe to run it. If you would like to make a shortcut for your Desktop so it's more easily accessable, right click HijackThis.exe and choose Send To > Desktop (create shortcut).

Please run the extracted HijackThis.exe from now on. Delete any copies of HijackThis.zip that you have saved.

Open HijackThis and click Do a system scan and save a log file. Copy the entire contents of that log and post it here

warrenaldo Registered User

thanks for the help lads - still havent solved problem. i rebooted my computer with my configuration from a few months back - so i at least i have IE6 working on most sites now.
Dunno what the underlying problem is - but ill get some adware removal tool - thanks for the advice.

The hijakthis thing - sounds so dodgy i just cant try it - sure the name of it is "hijackthis" haha.

ActorSeeksJob Registered User

HijackThis has been one of the best tools in the fight against malware/viruses. It has also just been bought by TrendMicro. If theres a spyware/trojan/virus problem on your pc it will fix it

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