dazftw Registered User

I ordered a core2duo from these guys... after the woman in the shop gave me the wrong amout on a 3v voucher(300 meant to been 350) but it was 280 on overclockers so its ok!

Now I ordered it not knowing if they accepted 3v vouchers..

So heres my question it says:

Order Status: Security validation

Should I be worried about this? Or is this normal they've take the 280 from the 3v voucher so if it doesnt go through I dont know how im going to get refunded?

Any help would be appreciated

dazftw Registered User

Its ok now... its on its way to me

Anotherandomguy Registered User

How long did the "security validation" stage take for you? Mine's been in that stage for a week now, I'm thinking of cancelling and ordering newer parts ...

Creamy Goodness Registered User

it stays in security validation stage from the time they take your order until it is shipped.

i preordered vista there and it was stuck on that stage for about a month.

if in doubt ring them up.

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