Does anyone know what time Off License's are legally allowed to start selling at? I ask because the other day a friend was sold beer, in town, at 8 a.m. which seems early to me.

happy_acid_face Registered User

as to my knowledge, opening is half ten. closing times vary due to the whereabouts. Generally the closer to the city centre the later they are aloud open.

I have a feeling you're friend was served in a spar or centra type shop. It gets a little more complicated when it comes to them. When the pub trade started to slow down alot of the smaller ones sold there licences. These were snatched up by newsagent and petrol station chains around Ireland thus leaving them with pub licences. Most closing times for off licences is around 10 - 10.30, but with a pub licence a spar can sell on pub hours stoping at 11.30 and 12.30.
Answering your question, opening times i'd be quite sure for both off licence and pub licences is 10.30.
The only way to sell at 8.30 that i can see would be to have a early pub licence which lets the open from i think 7. This though, i severly doubt.
Likely hood is... he got lucking or the shop is selling outside there licence.

By the way, i could be totally wrong in what i say. my knowledge on licencing hours isn't great just repeating a couple of things i've picked up on in the past!

rubadub Registered User

Might have been a mistake. I got beer in my local tescos once very early, maybe 7am, from then on they had big notices saying 10.30 and have barriers around it.
You can sometimes see a bunch of dipsos hanging around the barriers at 10.30 telling workers to take them down!

Frankiestylee Registered User

It must have been a mistake, standard off license and pub hours is 10.30 as HAF said.

Sometimes you just get staff that don't care and sell outside of their license. I know a mate that got served after hours because he convinced a girl to flash the local petrol jockey.

rediguana Registered User

I work for O'Briens (Wines). Our shutters come up at 10am Mon-Sat and 12:30pm on Sundays.

foxy_19-89 Registered User

i went into tesco in galway after having a lil session in work on christmas eve morning (work in a nightclub) and got served at about 6:30am/7am no problem. to the best of my knowledge mon-thurs offys open at 11:30am and then around 10:30/11 on friday n saturdays.

Frankiestylee Registered User

I'm sure someones already said this... but working in an off-license, ye olde pub hours are...

Mon-Thurs 10.30-11.30

Friday-Saturday 10.30-12.30

Sunday 12.30-11.00

And there we go.

rubadub Registered User

These were the latest ones I had heard

The most recent change in trading hours are those set out in the Intoxicating Liquor Act,
2000. The trading hours are from 10.30am to 11.30pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and
Wednesdays, and from 10.30am to 12.30am on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The
normal Sunday hours are from 12.30pm to 11.00pm


I dont know if it changed since 2003 then but I do know many pubs & off licences do not (or did not?) avail of the late thursday opening.

Frankiestylee Registered User

Didn't know about the new Thursday late nights, I'm suprised we're not open. I think you should shush now before the word gets out and I have to work late on Thursday!
Though maybe it's changed again... I'm pretty sure we go by standard pub hours.

The Hill Billy Prick, with a fork

Didn't know about the new Thursday late nights

You mean the old Thursday late nights?
The rulers of our Nanny State decided that we couldn't hack late night drinking on a Thursday & moved the closing time back to 11:30.

happy_acid_face Registered User

I was wrong, here's the deal...

Supermarkets, Newsagents, Petrol Stations, etc etc can all start selling alcohol as of 7.30a.m. This is because they are "mixed trading", meaning, selling alcohol is not their sole area of business. 7.30a.m was seen as the time these businesses opened for trading and is the reason for the earlier opening. Originally it was 8.00a.m but it was deemed unnecessary to stop these premises from selling part of there stock for the first half hour of business, thus it was changed.

Off Licence and Pub hours stand at 10.30a.m opening Mon - Sat. 12.30a.m opening Sun.

So if you're looking for a drink at half seven in the morning, you now know where to look!

mazdafarl Banned

What about the pub in hueston station? I got served in there bout 8.00am

happy_acid_face Registered User

I would guess hueston station's pub has an early morning opening licence. I think that permits them to sell from 7.30am

Frankiestylee Registered User

Yeah, certain pubs have special licenses... the one in the airport starts serving at 6am, so do some train stations etc. For the drunken travelling you see, it's all the rage.

Does that mixed trading depend on the license though? The local tescos and Superquinn have to obey pub hours.

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