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Anybody know the best way to get to Portrush from Dublin using public transport?

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Anybody know the best way to get to Portrush from Dublin using public transport?

One option is by train.

Get the Dublin Connolly - Belfast Central "Enterprise" to Belfast. Change at Belfast for a (London)Derry train. Change at Coleraine for the connecting service to Portrush. There are a few direct services between Belfast and Portrush daily but most journeys will require a change of train at Coleraine.

BTW: This can all be done on one single ticket from Dublin Connolly to Portrush. For timetable information take a look at where you will be able to download timetables or use the journey planner. A typical journey will take you approx 4 hrs 30 mins.

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By bus; either via Monaghan or Belfast. Via Belfast would be the better choice IMO.

It is cheaper than the train and should take around 5h30 including a 45min break in Belfast.

Bus Dublin-Belfast and Rail Belfast-Portrush is also an option, the main bus and rail stations (Europa Bus station and Great Victoria Street Rail) in Belfast are in the same location so transfer is easy (The only service that does not stop there is the Dublin-Belfast rail service)

The journey planner Enterprise listed will give both rail and bus options.

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Sample fares by rail from Dublin to Portrush are:

Adult Single: €40.00
Adult Day Saver Return: €42.50*
Adult Monthly Saver Return: €54.50

* = Not on Fri or Sun.

Student fares are also available.

A sample journey is listed below:

Connolly Dep: 07.35
Belfast Central Arr: 09.45

Change Trains.

Belfast Central Dep: 10.40.
Coleraine Arr: 12.00

Change Trains.

Coleraine Dep: 12.05
Portrush Arr: 12.17.

There are a total of 8 services a day (Mon-Fri) between Connolly and Portrush.


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Thanks Enterprise and John R. Sorry for taking so long to reply. I have the offer for a weeks holiday in Portrush. I also have free travel. Seems a long journey no matter what way I go. No bother to me but herself might not be up to it. Thanks again for the info.

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I also have free travel.
If you mean a Department of Social and Family Affairs free travel pass, note that you will need one of these:

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