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Hi all. I need help! I am 18 years old, nearly 19 and I weigh 320lbs. I have a BMI of 51.6 and my health is already suffering. Could anyone please reply to me with the steps I need in order to start the process of having surgery? May seem a bit drastic at my age but I have been trying to lose weight since I was 8. Its been a lifelong struggle, that may sound ridiculous coming from someone so young, but its true. Also could anyone tell me, is a referral letter from a GP needed if the surgery was to take place somewhere abroad? Like is Brussels as was mentioned?

Any info is greatly appreciated!

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hi all,
i've my gastric band 3 years in may it started out well and like every other attempt at losing weight i was really going along with it i lost 2 and a half stone in the first 5months ideally my dream final target was 8 and a half i've since put back on 2 stone since gave up going along with it 2 years ago because unfortunatly like the majority of overweight people im a comfort eater and do this because its easier to comfort myself with food than deal with the real issues of why i feel down in the first place and in my head this could take years of counselling or therapy but realistically my over eating has been going on for more years than i care to remember they go so fast!! im 26 and cant believe i have my band nearly 3 years i just want to tell people this because i know i rushed into the decision of getting mine done, the company which went bankcrupt 6 months after i had mine done were more than happy to take 10000euro from me for this op with no real evaluation of my reasons for being this overweight the aftercare wasnt great i was being told i was getting fills when i wasnt and i know the band stops you from eating a lot but even when i was full i still felt hungry so had ways of cheating the band and by the way you still crave fatty food and can still eat it so its no quick fix by any means you have to work just as hard but everyone is different so really think before you hand over all that money are you ready??? im thinking of giving mine a second shot after all i am still paying for it but dont know of any places to get mine filled so anyone with any info please let me know??in dublin preferably.. cheers and well done to everyone who has had great success and best of luck to those who are waiting

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Is there anyone out there that's had the Gastric Banding done in Galway? I am looking for advice and information from people that's had it done and how they've got on after having it done? I'm seriously considering having it done.


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Just wondering Dumpling how much you have lost since your operation if you dont mind me asking... I am 5ft and weigh 13 stone... i did weigh 17.5 stone, lost eight... but put some back on... trying to try a last resort,...


dumpling said:
well, things changed for me quite abit. I went in for surgery on the 20th may and, just as iIwas going down, my surgeon came to me and said that he want's me to have the Gastric bypass

I thought no! i have spent two years researching the band. He also mentioned that the band can slip, your body may not take to it and so on. So, he convinced me to have the bypass. The first two weeks were hell. no pain, just feeling so, down and weak. By the time the third week came round i felt alot better. Today and this week, great!

In addition, i have lost 10 kilos 22lbs I can't believe it!

If you want to make life long changes i would say go for it. really, there was no pain, it was all emotional.

inaddition, you can't eat the same way, there isn't the room!

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Hi everyone. I'm 2 days post-op lap-band and feeling good now the gas pains have passed. I've been a serial dieter all my life and have 6 stone to lose. I don't know how many times I've said "this is it, I'm going to lose this weight" - I tend to give up and revert to bad habits if I don't lose or even gain weight - and I know the band will be the push I need on those days. I know it's not going to be easy! Just wanted to pass on this tip to anyone considering the op: search YouTube for "wls" - there are loads of vlogs there of people who have had it done and their experiences - both good & bad.


Hi i am booked if for a procedure gastric bypass in april,Im type 2 diabetic have severe back pain and have fertility problems.I am fully aware of pro's and con' of these operations /surgery but in my personal case im after doing my upmost best to research as much as i could and after that im really happy with my decision,Ill let ye know how I get on ,by the way I can fully understand people not getting and getting their sopport from family and friends I personally have told only 2 people because its my body my choice regards....

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Hi all

Iv been reading all your comments and it seems most ppl have gone for banding. I met the surgeon today and he suggested the by-pass. I think Im going to go for it but I would love to hear from others who have had the procedure. Feel free to tell me all the gorey details

Thanks a mill

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i'm quite new to type on here and i would also love to know if i can get a gastric band done on medical card here..i know if i was a uk citizen i could get it done on the nhs for free...i went thru a rough patch and fell into a vicious circle of comfort eating when my hubby left and now i have reached my limits and would love to be able to have it done.

i am not a lazy person i am quite active and i am sick of the look and stares from people..i'm a 23 stone female and am tired of it all and am admiting i need help i cant do it on my own any more when it comes to weight loss i have lost 5 stone as it is and it just wont go any further

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Hi yes it is possible to get it on the medical card here but you have to go through a weight management programme first out in St Colmcilles hospital

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Hi everyone, I am 6 months post banding & am doing well. I have always battled with my weight most of my life. I have 4 of about the 8 stones I need to loose off but like the other posters here have said it takes hard work & is by no means easy - you have to be really committed to make changes in all aspects your life & your attitude towards yourself! A really important factor for me was quality of the after care & follow up. I have to say the team at the hospital where I went are excellent & I firmly believe that having regular local follow-up appointments has been one of the keys to my success so far. I has a gastric balloon inserted a couple of years ago overseas & to say it was a complete and utter waste of money is an understatment (I actually put on weight with it!)

Best of good luck to everyone - allthough when you think about it luck doesn't really come into it, JUST DO IT - YOU ARE WORTH IT!

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Hi everyone.

I'm hoping to have a gastric sleeve procedure in June/July this year. I'm in the middle of the pre op tests at the moment and all is going well so far. (touch wood)!! I'm hoping to get my surgery date in the next few weeks. I started out at 24st and i'm down to 22st 7lb at the moment. I've to loose another 7lbs before my op but i'm getting there. I'm wondering if there is any one out there whos had the gastric sleeve and if so i'd love to hear how you felt post op and how your doing now.

Take care.

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Have you considered Hypnoband same thing without the surgery fraction of the cost and no hospital stay.http://no links allowed- thanks

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I've just started to seriously look into this procedure, above everything else money will be a key factor! From the messages I've read people seem to quote anywhere from €4000 - €12,000.

Can someone PM me with the details of the Belgium clinic/hospital. I've contacted VHI and I'm waiting for a response (a general query about coverage) and one Dublin clinic.... again, I'm really just looking at the financial side right now!

Oh... and has anyone actually managed to get coverage from VHI?

Thanks x

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neelyohara said:
I've just started to seriously look into this procedure, above everything else money will be a key factor! From the messages I've read people seem to quote anywhere from €4000 - €12,000.

Can someone PM me with the details of the Belgium clinic/hospital. I've contacted VHI and I'm waiting for a response (a general query about coverage) and one Dublin clinic.... again, I'm really just looking at the financial side right now!

Oh... and has anyone actually managed to get coverage from VHI?

Thanks x

Hi, The person u need 2 contact about the surgery in belgium is Frederik Sernels email: <>.. I had it done in November and am very happy with it (down over 4 stone) i dont know about vhi but i got most of it paid for by Quinnhealth uder thier medical Tourism Policy, The surgeon has a clinic the 1st thursday of every month in Dublin and has started the 1st friday of every month in cork, if u contact Frederik he'll give u all the info, best of luck,

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Here's the response I got from VHI when I asked if Gastric Banding is covered...

I would like to advise that the placement of adjustable gastric restrictive device, procedure code 182, can be eligible when the following conditions are met;

BMI is currently and has been for at least two years greater than 45.
Patients must have received management in a non-surgical obesity programme with integrated components of a dietary regime, appropriate exercise and behavioral modification and support for a minimum of 6 months with 2 years of the proposed surgery.
The surgery is only payable in hospitals listed with Vhi Healthcare directory of hospitals, and where Vhi Healthcare has approved the multi-disciplinary programme for the treatment of obesity.
Gastric restrictive or bypass procedures will only be eligible for the benefit for well informed and motivated members with acceptable operative risks. Individuals must be over 18.
Evidence must be provided that all appropriated and available non-surgical measures have been adequately tried but the member has failed to maintain the weight loss.
Patients who are candidate for the procedure must be evaluated by a multi-disciplinary team with medical, surgical, psychological and nutritional expertise.
Lifelong medical surveillance after the therapy is a necessity.

I have included a few on the main conditions required for this surgery, however our medical team required more in-depth conditions to be met.

Should you wish to avail of this a pre-certification form must be submitted by your consultant to our board of medical directors and a decision will be made based on the information provided.

Here are 2 sites with some useful info on Gastric Banding...

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