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My car was damaged when I parked beside a building site, they spilt cement on the paintwork. I have sent letters to the building company with photographs and quotes for the repair but got no response. I want to get this sorted properly so I think I need a letter from a solicitor to make sure they deal with this – but how much will it cost me roughly to get a solicitor to send a letter and make sure I get my car repaired?

I can draft the bones of the letter myself and provide photos etc.
Can anyone recommend a friendly solicitor in Dublin that will do this for me for a reasonable sum?

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I'm not sure that there is such thing as a simple solicitor's letter. They would probably want to take your case before sending letters, which may mean a brief fee, consultation fee, etc. I don't think many solicitors would send out a letter without taking instructions as to its contents, and such a letter is usually the first step in the commencement of proceedings. They might also want to give you advice about the merits of your case etc.

The best way to find out is to ring a few of them. You can find most solicitor's contact details here. It might be a good idea to choose a few small firms in your area, ring them up and ask them for a quick quote, what would be involved etc.

If your claim is quite small, you might want to try contact the building company again (by registered post) or speak to someone in the small claims court before engaging a solicitor as the cost of a solicitor could outweigh the benefit.

Hope this helps. Registered User

yeah, a small claim only costs €9 and you can do it on-line now

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Thanks, I might try to Registered Letter first and then try the small claims cort if that fails...

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The small claims court has no jurisdiction in a case like this. It can only deal with consumer disputes. Even with a very short letter, a solicitor would have to sit you down, take notes of your story and then draft the letter. It would take about half an hour. The solicitor owes you a duty of care when he takes instructions from you and is at risk of being sued by you if he does not advise you properly. I would expect you to pay from €100 upwards.

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Jo King
The small claims court has no jurisdiction in a case like this. It can only deal with consumer disputes.

I believe it does. The District Court Rules state that a small claim is:

(1) in relation to a consumer contract
(2) for non personal injuries tort cases where the claimant is not a company
(3) landlord and tenant cases to recover deposits etc from a landlord (which can't be dealt with by the Private Residential Tenancies Board)

I think it can deal with claims up to €2000 and costs €15. You can find more information at Order 53A of the District Court Rules.

The director of consumer affairs website seems to concur.

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Very good idea I must look into that, thank you!
Any suggestions of such firms in Ireland?


Look in the phonebook! Loads of them listed.

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