• Cavan (14.79%)
  • Louth (47.89%)
  • Monaghan (9.15%)
  • Meath (28.17%)
Atomic Pineapple Registered User

I live in Syddan too, if you look at it from a football club or Church of Ireland parish perspective, but I'd always say Lobinstown before Syddan. Would you not, no?

normally would yes

DrFunkenstein Registered User

El Paso ... The nice part.. if there is such a thing

flynnser19 Registered User

Louth- Dundalk!!!
Come on the town!!!!woop woop!! lololol

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Dingatron Registered User

Louth-Drogheda looks like I'm outnumbered here....

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jinxycat Registered User

meath - navan

cournioni Moderator

butlersbridge - Cavan

better then Shercock n e road


PeteK* Registered User

Umm, I'm from Meath but moved five mile to Ardee.. which is Louth.

So I voted Louth.

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mizz.yelof!!! Registered User

cavan - BJD
wild spot!

LittlePrincess Registered User

CAVAN - just outside the town!

Archeron Registered User

Meath, Trim.

Irish Wolf Subscriber

From the ickle village of Mullagh in Co.Cavan... not so ickle anymore since it became part of the commuter belt...

embee Moderator

Ardee, hey!!!!

(But I am originally from Drumconrath, Co Meath.. I voted Louth cos thats where I live now but I'd support Meath in the GAA).

ClarenceOveur Registered User

Yeah, lets beat the Royals. In this poll thing, anyway. 1 mile from the border, 5 miles from Drawda. Local pub is across the border and about 30% of the regulars are Louthian so match days are fun!

Slippin Jimmy Registered User

Im from Naaaaavan , Meath that is incase nobody has ever heard of it .

BoozyBabe Registered User


Eh, another 3 said they were from Monaghan!!
Where are ye?

Come one, out with it, show your face, we've nothing to be embarrassed about!!

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