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Getting it right - the RTÉ Radio series that helps students prepare for the Leaving Cert exams - is back from Thursday Match 1st!

But not on the radio!

In a first for RTÉ Radio 1, Getting It Right, presented by Leeanne O'Donnell is being made available exclusively as an audio download or podcast through the RTÉ website and associated services such as i-Tunes

Revised and updated with expert advice on all the major Leaving Certificate subjects, along with help on exam techniques and other essential tips, this 16 part series can be found as a podcast through

The podcast, the popular method of downloading audio files on the internet allows listeners to save any amount of editions of Getting It Right to their computer. Or they can subscribe to the programme and receive each edition automatically when it is made available. Whichever way you choose to use Getting It Right, the service is absolutely free.

And in another first, RTÉ Radio 1 is making the first four editions of Getting It Right available from March 1st including detailed advice on the English and Irish exams and a special programme on how to achieve top grades in Higher Level Maths.

These programmes are essential listening for students who want to know how to get the results they deserve in the exams in June. All the guest teachers have studied the marking schemes and yearly examiner's reports in depth. We hear how to structure answers in the way that the examiner wants, and how to present hard earned knowledge in the most effective way. Our teachers explain how to budget your time, offer suggestions about which questions to choose and give advice about how to leave a question when it is not working out. Every year hard working students lose out because they do not understand the way the exam works- with advice from these top teachers all students should be able to do themselves justice.

Getting It Right is part of a whole series of podcast programmes for Leaving Cert students called Listening To The Leaving. That address again for the essential podcast guide to Leaving Cert 2007 from March 1st is

I only found out about this now but I shall be downloading them all as I found last years installments to be very interesting!

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sounds good

sternn Registered User

Used it last year for 5th year, found it excellent. They go through everything you need to know about doing the exam. Recommend it to anyone! Gona use it again this year!


Just listening to those macbeth ones. Pretty good, refresh it in your mind! - well mine anyway since I had forgotten it completely!

Corruptedmorals Registered User

Wil be putting them on my zen..when it's fixed :/ Listened to last year's, they're good.

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