Vexorg Registered User

This forum and its users are so far above this form of behavior.

brianthebard Registered User

You bastard you got there before me!!! Whats this for anyways??



Vexorg Registered User

I think Ruu may have captured some of the essence of the forum in his brief yet eloquant First Burp Post! (FBP!)

Zaph Millionaire Oppressor

I have the requisite beer gut but my hair show absolutely no signs of receding. Does that mean I can't use this forum?

Vexorg Registered User

If you do not currently enjoy both the beer gut and receeding hair, I fear your contributions may not be taken seriously. However I'm sure that forum founder Robbo may look upon your handicap, see your misery, and allow you entry to the Hallowed Halls of BG&RH.

WhiteWashMan Registered User

i feel.... home.

dr.bollocko Moderator

Finally a *belch* forum for the things that I *fart* care about.
Maybe we could have a poll to see who's hair is the most receding? It might make some of us feel better. Whilst some of the rest of us will feel much worse.
But the glory of this forum is that beer is never so far away that you have to deal with sadness or sobriety.

dr.bollocko Moderator

In fact, can I be a mod?
I'll get receding pube hair. I'll train up my beer belly to sing the fields of athenry at the boards beers. I promise you the earth, and all the beer, beer nuts, remote controls and big screen televisions with every sports channel in Europe on it if my beerguttish demibaldness is recognised in such a way...

r3nu4l Administrator

*scratches* (not head!)

/wanders away after leaving toilet seat up

c - 13 Registered User

Is this like the male version of HoLL ? or is it a free for all ?
/Pats beer belly

dr.bollocko Moderator

Not to be sexist or anything, but just cos we have Beer bellys and pattern baldness doesnt mean that we have to reply to baldy beer drinking women on this forum.
Sher if they wanted us to listen they would have made some effort to look good. and brought us beer.
And a nice flat cap.
*Wanders into toilet after r3nu4l just left*
"Ah for **** sake."
*cracks window*

The Hill Billy Prick, with a fork

If fora were furniture, this would be a well-worn, brown leather EZ-Boy smelling faintly of farts with Cheezy Wotsit crumbs & 82c in change stuck down the side of the cushion.

* nestles butt in & pops a beer *

Beruthiel omnipotent and omniscient

Congrats Robbo in getting this forum up and running so speedily.

The Hill Billy Prick, with a fork

Congrats Robbo in getting this forum up and running so speedily.

Someone's left the door open & let the wimmins in!

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