Triton Registered User

I'm using Supercuts and its working alright. Just reading reviews of Hydroxycut though and it sounds good.

I'm using it in conjunction with Pro X. Any advice on what's the best fat burner?

Pherekydes Registered User

Have you tried running? Or cycling?


There's a new fat burner on the way out from Nutrition X so keep an eye out for it.

louieann34 Registered User

Yes! you should try running or is very good in burning fats in our body,that wont cost you any cent.

yomchi Moderator

It could be another few weeks before the NutritionX product is available. Hydroxycut are pretty good, Thermospeed equally as good and Animal Cuts from universal are excellent so I hear.

Dragan Registered User

Hey OP,

i suggest you post you current diet and excercise routine and we give it the once over. Nothing against Fat Burners, in fact i think they are great, but i feel they are very misused.

The can be absolutely fantastic for providing energy and appetite suppression on a very low carb diet and i generally feel that a lot of people have holes in there diet that can be fixed for free and make the whole thing a bit more effective!

mloc Registered User

The only burner I've had first hand reports of is Hydroxycut.

One guy I know who took it had a near-perfect diet and serious training experience, and had good results.

The other person is female and had a very good diet and regular (primarly cardio based) exercise, and also saw reasonable results.

Overall though, they are the icing on the cake. Gotta bake your cake first, by healthy eating and training properly.

Pygmie Registered User

I don't recommend icing or cake if you're trying to burn fat. These are not good fat burners.

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