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Long shot but does anybody know of one for sale anywhere in Ireland?

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Phew's about ten years since I last even saw one. Their main enemy was rust. I doubt that there's many left.

Good luck with the hunt !

HERE's the slightly bigger 238 in Germany ...appararently in top condition. Not cheap, though

Revelation Joe Registered User

Unfortunately not
I used to have one though. A 900e Caravelle when I lived in England.
Spares would be a bit difficult over here I would think

Terrontress Registered User

I know that these people have one.

You could ask them if they are selling!

Revelation Joe Registered User

Mine was the same colours (inside and out) but a slightly different model. Never seen that type before!
It does look in pretty good nick...

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I moved back to Ireland recently after 7 years in Scotland,with my 1970 fiat 500 and 1981 Fiat Amigo campervan which was an ordeal in itself but since I got back to Dublin I have found that keeping them both on the road is going to be very costly. My insurance in Uk for the 500 was only £70, which is around 120euro comparred to the 440 euro quote i got in Ireland of which the car must be garaged at night. Appart from loving my 500 one main factor in the Uk was that it was so cheap to maintain and free road tax.

As for my campervan, her insurance was only £82 in the UK of which the insurance here is 510euro which i got quoted also from carolenash in Dublin which is a huge hike.

Ill not have to pay the vrt as ive owned them both for well over a year but the terms of carolenash is that the campervan is garaged also.

This is where my problems start, as I only have one garage, and the 500 just about fits in alone, leaving the campervan outside.

I have advertised them both on for sale, as which ever one is sold first, I will keep the other, as asside from paying about the guts of 1000euro for both there insurance compared to the 300 euro in UK, I have no where to keep one.

Im writing this to get advise on what I could do or if anyone knows a really cheap little garage i could rent in dublin 15 or could anyone tell me why is ireland still so expensive for classic car insurance. Both these vehicles barely see 2000 miles a year each and neithre of them do over 60mph so i really dont understand why its so expensive considering my work car a 02 hyundai accent can be insured with axa for only 530euro fully comp and its 1.3 and will easily do 100mph.


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Please use and the "for sale" thread at the top of the page for advertising, thank you

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If you manage to get your camper classified as a camper, insurance (fully comp) should come down to around 350 Euro a year, no need to garage it either.

Have a word with your local VRO (vehicle registration office) to see if they will recognise it as a "motorcaravan" according to their guidelines.

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