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Quite a specific query here ...

When you set up a group for webtexting on 02's website, there is an option to 'share' the group with another O2 customer.

The way it works is this. Say I want to share a group with 'Frank'. Frank is then sent an invitation from O2. If Frank is an O2 customer, all he has to do is text '[GroupName][Space][Your Text]' to a special 086 number and his text will then be distributed to all people in the group.

Now, two questions

- is the subscriber charged for each text at the standard rate (from their credit / bill etc); or are their webtext allocation reduced by the number of texts?
- is the group available to Frank on his webtext so that he can send the message online himself (which would be free).

Am looking for any experience of this service anyone might have.

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When using O2 Group Text from your mobile you type:

nickname (followed by a space) then your message

- nickname is the short name of your group
- Note your message can only be one SMS long, this is due to the limitation of the SMS group text service
- the person you share the group with will be able to see the shared group contact names when they log on to the myO2 account
- the person you share the the group with doesn't need a myO2 account, they only need it the alter the group or set a new group up
- yes your friend will be able to send a Webtext Group Text

Send Group texts to 086 6060600

For a group text sent to 30 people you will only be charged for 20, 1 in 3 go free. If group texts are sent from your phone then it will not come from your Webtext allocation, you are charged for 2 out of every three texts.

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