• Yes, has many benefits (40%)
  • No, takes up study time (12%)
  • Occasionally (28%)
  • Suits different people (20%)
yurmothrintites Registered User

What are everyones views on activities during the year?

Personally I feel sport helps you relax, to stay focused and keeps you fit during LC. I particiate in sport this year and I think helps me mentally and physically in the school day.

However, it does take up alot of time out of your week and leave you tired in the evenings.

Do ye think it's a good or bad idea?

Haven't a Clue Registered User

Healthy body, healthy mind. So yeah, I'd try and get to the gym a couple of times during the week...

md99 Registered User

depends on points and whatever...

i was big into the gym last summer, gave it up totally as the year went on, just became too time-consuming and also.. puts you into a different mindframe than what you need for study, so you spend more time readjusting which I disliked.

yurmothrintites Registered User

Ya, I went to the gym alot last year but I gave it up this year because it consumed alot of my time. It does however he focus the mind. There is such a thing as too much study and regular breaks benefit more if exercise is incorporated into them.

Fobia Registered User

I'm the opposite to the last few posts actually. Whereas last year my exercise consisted solely of walking home each day (in fairness, it's 4 miles), I took up the gym over the Summer and loved it. I stopped at the start of leaving cert, but found I was missing it alot, I felt weaker and more tired even though I was getting enough sleep.

So since Christmas I've been going to sleep at 10.30 on weeknights and getting up at 6.45am to go to the gym each morning. I find it helps me concentrate, and the extra time lets me eat a proper breakfast which keeps me awake all day.

Mushy Registered User

Well, gaelic training is only back now, so hopefully I'll see some improvements over the next few weeks. I always go to bed early, half 10 at latest, just so I can concentrate more the next morning. The only nights I wont study, apart from weekends, are training nights, so thats only two midweek days. Even then, if I've no homework, I'll get some done before it so its fine. Keeping the balance is what its about, hopefully I can do that now. Its great to get outside into the cold,wet, winter/spring evenings, for something that resembles boot-camp.

JC 2K3 Registered User

I'm terrible for staying up on the Internet and going to bed at 1 or 2. I try and get to be before 11.30 most nights though.

I played a load of basketball up until 2 weeks ago when we got knocked out of the All Irelands. Now I dunno what to do sportwise. I don't like the gym. I might take up running again(did it up to 4th year, then gave it up in 5th year) and perhaps see if I can get myself fit enough for the 1500m in the Dublin Track Championships, but I doubt I'll be motivated enough...

I play guitar and recorder also. Recorder lesson is at 9:30 on Sat morning so that's grand(I got grade 8 last year and amn't doing LC music, so that class and the odd bit of playing between studying to relax myself is all I do now). I've missed a fair few guitar classes since it's at 6:30 on Tuesday evening and I tend to have history tests on Wednesdays. I play guitar a good bit in my free time though.

madgal Registered User

I'm going to start using my teachers for kick-boxing.


I'm gonna go for a jog now

yurmothrintites Registered User

I think any hobbies like sport, music, walking or even using your teachers for kickboxing are essential for a healthy variation of activities during this stressful year. Although television is great watching it after study can sometimes be unbeneficial after a hard day at school.

no leaf clover Registered User

me personally, i train four to seven times a week, by payin more attentionin class than in 5th year, its hasnt been much of a burden.. tis good to have a hobby, i said depends on the person though, as it does..!

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