Basq Registered User

My favorite movie resource (and i presume many other peoples) - IMDb - has had a re-design.

Not a big fan of it - you're only really see the change on individual pages of movies rather than the front page.

But i definitely preferred the old look. What i don't like about the new look the small thumbnail of the poster off to the left, small star rating to the right, slightly centered cast listing just make it too a bit untidy.

Not a drastic change but a change all the same.

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MisterAnarchy Registered User

Yip noticed the redesign today.
Dont like it at all,the older design was better.

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Petey2006 Registered User

I can live with it. It's not fantastic, but not terrible. Just a pointless change, really. The old way was perfectly fine the way it was. What's annoying is how often they change the site. I know, update and keep it fresh, but it's kinda ridiculous how often it happens.

Basq Registered User

What's annoying is how often they change the site. I know, update and keep it fresh, but it's kinda ridiculous how often it happens.

I've used it for years and never really noticed many re-designs to be honest.

Except when they added the message board - but this re-design i noticed immediately.

Sad Professor Information Retrieval

Hate it. Everything's too small and there's too much white empty space. I suspect this is so they can fill it with more ads. Thank god you can still (temporarily) switch back to the old look.

Hopefully they'll listen to all the negative feedback.

BopNiblets Registered User

I'm surprised they left it this long to make it newer looking, I mean with all the super flashy graphics that you can put on webpages these days, compared to other sites IMDB was pretty simple.
Meh, the change won't keep me awake nights.

c - 13 Registered User

I... compared to other sites IMDB was pretty simple ...

True, but that was what I liked about it as well. I think as other posters have said, everything is too small in order to increase adspace. Certainly prefer the old look.

Kingp35 Moderator

Dont like the new look at all. The page looks very empty with the amount of white space. "If its not broke dont fix it" springs to mind here.

Jello Registered User

I don't really like it, it's not too bad, but I much prefer the old one. It'll take some getting used to.

But you can still use the old format for now - just go here.

BopNiblets Registered User

c - 13
True, but that was what I liked about it as well.

Yeah, me too! Sometimes simpler is better, especially when you're looking for information and you need it fast!
Compare it to other film sites like RottenTomatoes or its TV equivalent (I think),, it's much easier as a source of information with easy navigation.
I don't like all the flash doodads and images on for example, it's a bit distracting.

TerrorFirmer Registered User

I prefer the old layout but I'll struggle on living regardless.

thanks for that link Jello...

ObeyGiant Registered User

I like the new design. And I can see why they did it - the new look definitely ties in a lot more with the look of IMDBPro and displays the information in a much less cluttered way. Yes, a lot of the empty space may be filled with ads, but what do you expect from a free service?

OfflerCrocGod Registered User

It's hardly worth making such an underwhelming change tbh. They need a full and proper redesign it's looking VERY old now-a-days.


Its a mess and its takes longer to load it seems, they also should exclude the full details and leave them in a subpage. Movie credits are so long these days.


hot_wla Registered User

What a mess! The information is all over the place. Chaos. The page is not stable to the eys, it seem to be bleeding.

Go back to the old look !!

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