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Also: http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3157312

So America are picking up our old games. That leaves my predictions for Friday at 'Kid Icarus', 'Streets of Rage', 'The Legend of Kage' and perhaps something else...

Link to the past?

EDIT: Streets of Rage

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It was mentioned on Eurogamer that legend og kage is the 9th worse NES game ever according to Seanbaby.

Rhyme Murderator

23rd February releases (as of 00:02):

Kid Icarus: NES, 500 pts
Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time: N64, 1,000 pts

Huh? Where's my Streets of Rage?

Then again Zelda is only 1,000 points... which would appeal to me if i didn't already have the Master Quest thing. Two fantastic additions by all means and both worth downloading if you have the points.


Bit disappointed Ocarina of Time came out before Link to the Past, but who cares getting it anyway.

Star Lord Registered User

Meh, already have Ocarina of Time... three copies in fact! The OOT/Master quest disk came with Wind Waker, the OOT on the LoZ collectors edition disk, and the original cartridge...

lordgoat Moderator

If you want to give/sell any of those zelda copies! I'd be intersted so long as they're for gamecube/wii that is!

Stalfos Registered User

Thought i'd be happy to see OTT released but since i already have it twice, there's not much point in getting it again. I'd rather link to the past or majora's mask.

Antamojo Registered User

Ocarina of Time should be bought by anyone who never played it
Best game ever

I'm still waiting for Link To The Past

Rhyme Murderator

As of 23:58 1st of March.

Streets of Rage - One of my all time favourites and a great 'badass early 90's game'.
Bio-hazard Battle - Nope, not Resident Evil. There are better shooters out there that have less space squid.
Chew Man Fu - 1up seems to like it, i'm pretty picky with my puzzle games though.
Sword of Vermillion - I've never played it but these guys seem to have got it down http://www.deeko.com/retro.asp?id=129

Mr E Administrator

Excellent.... Loved SoR.

Retr0gamer Category Moderator

SoR has aged badly. Would prefer SoR 2 and 3.

Sword of Vermillion is a great if you like your old school RPGs. Doubt be expecting an epic story.

1huge1 Registered User

ive heard sor plays bad on the wii
very slow in gameplay and sound
anyone notice this?

Retr0gamer Category Moderator

ive heard sor plays bad on the wii
very slow in gameplay and sound
anyone notice this?

Its just the PAL version. Much slower with slowed down music.

Mr E Administrator

SoR has a bug in it that prevents it being finished properly in 2 player mode. Got to Round 8 with a friend of mine today, and near the end (before Mr. X), the game just ended with the good ending. Very f**king sloppy, Nintendo.... they could have at least play tested it for an hour to ensure that it worked OK.

I checked the message boards on GameFAQs and the same has happened to other people.

CiDeRmAn Category Moderator

The awful thing is that I feckin own everything worth buying on the VC, this leaves me with a very bare front end to my Wii, but nice to see more folk can see the glory that is Biohazard Battle, that game rocks.
But seriously, how many copies of Zelda OoT does one person need? I've one for my N64, the one that came with the Wind Waker and the one that came on the Zelda collectors disk, both of those can play fine on the Wii via the GC disks, so why am I drawn to buying it again? Is it the fact it'd be instantly available to play? I don't know and my resistance is failing!

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