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I have some info on these, have seen bit on wikipedia...
Have seen one at mosney show..

Anyone know of any more ?......or anyone have any more info.
or good stories about them ??

Max_Damage Registered User

Weren't they built in Kerry, or somewhere back in the 50's?

I remember watching something about them years back on that rubbish Irish version of Top Gear, Drive.

They had the engine from an Austin in them, the Americans didn't like them because they were too small, and the Brits didn't like them becasue they looked too American, and thus the company failed.

There isn't many around at all now, about 2 or 3 left in the world?

Silvera Registered User

Didn't Top Gear also do a piece on the Shamrock?

There is a page about the Shamrock in Richard Hammond's book 'Car Confidential' (which I bought recently).

I also recall seeing a green(!) Shamrock taking pride of place in a photo (or film?) of the annual St Pats parade in a small US town

The biggest problem with the car was/is the weedy Austin engine .....and the lack of support by the govt for any local car makers.

TigerTim Registered User

There is a guy who lives near Killarney who has one in his collection. I've never seen it but believe its a minter. He also rallies a beautiful historic Mini Cooper.



Ah yes Classic Irish car design, take the worst features of both American and british cars and couple them together badly.

Seriously tho wouldnt you have loved to have seen that design meeting

"ah shur we can get an aul deal on some bodies from detroit and miley there swears he's got a mate in Austin can send us engines"

"that is austin Texas right Miley?"

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green-blood Registered User

only 3 left on the planet as fara as I know

It was built in Dundalk and then production moved to Monaghan. Its a giant 50s american wings and all apeng glassfibre body mounted on (I think) Ford Pop running gear,silly narrow track and all...


MercMad Registered User

Didn't they toss the remaining unbuilt glass fibre bodies into a local lake ! I remember hearing that, maybe its an urban myth !

Hifive Registered User

Came across one of those Shamrocks in a shed in Kilkenny about 10 years ago, A ridiculous looking thing, looked like someone had put a 50's Chevy body on a milk float chassis!

Max_Damage Registered User

I wonder how much they would go for?


Lough Muckno. Fibreglass wouldn't have perished, would it?

Silvera Registered User

Photo I took of ZV-reg Shamrock at Mosney Show in 2000 ........

Max_Damage Registered User


Lough Muckno. Fibreglass wouldn't have perished, would it?

I'm going fishing!

carchaeologist Registered User

1960 Shamrock 2-Door Convertible Coupe

The Shamrock Automobile Company was established by an American businessman, William K Curtis. The aim was to produce these large luxury cars in Tralee, Kerry Ireland, for export to the US market. This 1960 Shamrock, is one of only four known to exist.

Shortly after production began, design flaws became apparent. Although the fiberglass-bodies car was big and heavy, it used a relatively small Austin A55 1.5 liter engine, which limited performance. The A55 also provided the transmission and suspension. Also the rear wheels were shrouded by body panels and could not be removed (for flat tire repair for example) without dropping its axle. The car used fiberglass body panels and was styled as a four seat, two door, coupe with removable hardtop. The wheelbase was 98 inches.

Production of up to 10,000 cars a year was talked about but eventually, only ten complete cars were produced during the six months before production ceased. After the factory closed, the unused parts were apparently dumped into the local landfill.

The car is now very rare, and only four are believed to be still in existence: three in Ireland — one each in Castleblayney, Killarney, and Drogheda — and one in Reno,Nevada.

Anyone know anything about the supposed cars in Ireland?

DaveCol Registered User

There was also one that used to appear at shows around Wexford a few years ago. I think someone posted a photo of it on here a few months ago

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