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I was in Tesco in Roscommon tonight, and was overcharged on 2 items. I went to customer sevices and pointed it out to them. The assistant asked another member of staff what she had to do and then attempted to refund me the difference between what i was charged and what i paid. I stated the Tesco store policy to her, in that i should be refunded the money i was charged and given the items for free, to which she replied "Yes i can do it that way for you if that is what you want.." Then, as she was walking away she muttered something about having to do it that way unless the customer specifically asks for that option!
So , in other words if you are not aware of the policy they will not abide by it.

I have shopped in alot of tesco stores in Ireland and the England and this is the first time ive ever been told that (Not that ive been overcharged in all of them though)
Slightly off topic, I wonder if tesco have any plans to bring in their car trolleys over here- They are a trolley with what i can only describe as a kids bumble car on the front. They are great for parents with kids as they keep them occupied while doing the shopping.

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Seems Tesco are changing their policy from 26th, No doubt it applies to Ireland as well. Still, getting double the amount you were overcharged is better than sweet FA.

Tesco stops refunds over 'free XBox' loophole

By David Derbyshire, Consumer Affairs Editor, and Martin Beckford
Last Updated: 12:15am GMT 18/02/2007

Tesco has abandoned its refunds policy after thousands of people exploited a loophole to get food, wines, DVDs and even computer games consoles for free.

Under the supermarket's long-standing "return and refund" policy, any customers who are overcharged at the till can get their money back — and keep the item they have just bought — without question.

Over the past few months, a growing number of self-styled consumer activists has been sharing information posted on websites deliberately to buy goods that are priced incorrectly and get a full refund.

The "R&Rers" have picked up frozen chicken nuggets, nappies, DVDs, mobile phones, computer games, beer and televisions.

A pricing error in January meant that XBox 360 games consoles were advertised in the store for £297.81. When the machines' bar codes were scanned at the till, customers were asked to pay £299.97 — £2.16 more. Under the policy, Tesco allowed the shoppers to take the consoles for free.

Some visitors to the websites claim that they have been banned from the shop for repeatedly asking for refunds.

Yesterday Tesco confirmed that it was abandoning its return-and-refund policy from Feb 26. The company said it was part of a review of its customer service, but conceded that a "small minority" of people had been exploiting it.

"This policy was overdue for a review and brings us into line with the rest of the industry," said a spokesman. Under its new policy, customers will get back double the amount they were overcharged.

Until the policy changes, lists of wrongly priced goods will continue to appear on — a website set up by the money adviser Martin Lewis.

"R&Ring is taking advantage of a Tesco policy and not a loophole in the law," he said. "Tesco is not forced to have that policy — it does this as a way to promote itself.

"If people are doing absolutely nothing illegal but doing a little research to take advantage of the policy then I haven't got a problem with it.

"If thousands of pounds worth of Xboxes walked out the door then it should teach Tesco to be a bit more careful about prices so that customers are not misled."

Tesco regularly browses the websites and corrects any mistakes. However, there are often half a dozen new pricing mistakes reported each day.

Yesterday The Daily Telegraph visited a Tesco store in Earl's Court, west London, armed with a list of recent mis-prices.

Almost all of the products that were said to be mis-labelled had the correct shelf labels and price stickers.

However, salmon fillets were marked with one price on the shelf and a higher one on the packets. Two packs were purchased and then taken to the customer services desk where the price discrepancy was pointed out.

The assistant checked the prices and immediately gave a full refund — but then removed the price label from the shelf to prevent further claims.

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Knew it could'nt last. They are'nt the largest shopping chain for nothing! Anyone know any products that are mispriced so we can benefit before the change on feb 26th?

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I got a crate of beer free in Tescos under that policy

Although when I brought it to the attention of the staff customer service rep
she ran down the aisle and removed the displayed price and tried to pretend
that there was never a price displayed at all ... despite it hanging out of her

I had the last laugh on the dozy bint though cos there was a big advertising
placard behind her advertising the cheaper price.

Ohhhh she was raging

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Double the difference back. WOW!!! Big deal.

So they attempt to steal money off you and if you catch them the give you back the money that they have overcharged one other person.

There is no incentive for them to correct mistakes at all. The more people they overcharge the higher the profits.

I mostly do basket shopping in Tesco's and the number of times I'm overcharged is great. It's easier to keep track of the price when your doing a small shop. Once you fill a trolly up it's impossible to remember what the original shelf price was.

If I'm overcharged in future will the Director of Consumer Affairs take an action against Tescos on my behalf or will one of his staff have to be overcharged? One guess

The scheme was originally introduces as far as I remember because RGDATA
or whatever body represents small grocers did a survey at the time of the introduction of barcodes and they kicked up a stink about being routinely overcharged.

The problem now is that once you see it on your receipt you are inclined to believe that it was you that made the mistake. Computers and machines can't be wrong


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