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We went to Vienna a few weeks ago, due to go on the Thursday but didn't fly until Friday as Aer Lingus cancelled the Thursday flight (their fault).

We now need to claim insurance for the hotel in Vienna that we had booked and were charged for, for the Thursday night.

The insurance require a letter from Aer Lingus stating that the Thursday flight was cancelled. I can't find anywhere on their website to get in touch with someone to get such a letter. Anyone know where to get this?

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2 seconds into looking on


Aer Lingus Customer Care Unit
Aer Lingus Head Office
Dublin Airport

Fax Number: 00353 1 8863832

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If the flight wasn't cancelled due to an Industrial action or adverse weather conditions you should ask for compensation from Aer Lingus as well.

European Regulation 261/2004

I had a terrible experience coming back to Ireland with Malev, they cancelled my flight, haven't informed me, gave me an alternate flight which left me stranded in Frankfurt, lost my luggage.. nightmare..

As soon as I mentioned EU regulation 261/2004 they agreed to pay up.
523 euro later and I feel a bit better about the whole thing.

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Good luck dealing with Aer Lingus customer care. They're a less than helpful bunch

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