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Weird one here. Went out one morning to open the boot of my car. Unlocked the boot and went to lift the handle. I could heard the eletronic lock trying to open but the catch for the boot would not release. I noticed a few days before that the inside of the boot was a bit damp and my hunch is that water got into the lock.

Anybody experience similiar on a VW or anybody have any ideas on what this could be. Dont want to go to dealer until I understand this a bit more.


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I imagine you heard a low 'spinning/electric motor noise. A common fault on VWs is the actuator for the central locking in the boot. Very common on Passats from 1997 on. IIRC, the actuator on the Bora is the same, but completely different to the hatchback versions (Golf, Polo, Lupo, etc).

You should still be able to open it with the key. The position of the key barrell has 3 different functions : 1. Locked 2. Locked/unlocked as per central locking 3. Manual unlock. Check your owners manual for exact details.

The part is easy to replace - just remove the fabric liner on the inside of the boot lid and look for a grey plastic box near the lock about 40cm by 30cm in size. Read the number from it thats in the format 3B5 971 XXX Y ( I can't remember the exact number - too many years). Get one in a dealer, should cost no more than €30. Be careful not to throw away the old part first as the the circular clip of the old part as it does not come with the new one!

Best of luck - A similar problem here.

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crosstownk thanks for the information.

Just want to add to the description I gave above. The central locking is working when I open the car from the boot. I hear (as you mentioned) the normal whirring noise the boot seems to be unlocked (as the rest of the car is unlocked) but the catch seems as if it is stuck.

Thanks a lot for the help everyone.


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