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Hi Guys,

First post here in this forum and I need some advice/help. I've inherited some Chinese antiques which include vases,porcelain, china and other bits and pieces. Now I don't have a clue about antiques and if they are worth anything but I've been told that they are very old pieces and could potentially be worth a small fortune.

Question is where can I bring them to get them valued and if there is a market in Ireland for Chinese/Asian antiques?


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Hi,..glad you posted the query, as I collect Oriental art to a degree (i.e affordable) and work in the antiques trade, although Im not a dealer.

Unfortunately, there is no great market in Ireland for seriously rare pieces. The standard run-of-the-mill Chinese porcelain will fetch as good a price here as in England at the moment, the Irish market hasnt yet fallen to the depths the British trade curently suffers !!

If you want to post an image here I can probably tell you what you have with regards to
1. item
2. age.
3. reign
4. Value.

I will also provide you (hopefully) with back-up information to support why I think each piece is that.

the notable place of interest is the CHester Beatty , in Dublin Castle grounds.

they have a really fab Eastern collection , but Chinese porcelain isnt their forte !!
and they dont give a material value for any item.

the other option is to bring your items to a notable auction house, for free verbal valuation, or take your chances with a dealer.

an auction works @ getting the best possible price for you (commision fee), where a dealer will give you 500euro for a piece they shall shelve at 1000euro

ok, Hope to hear from you soon
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also one more point to note :
most Oriental porcelain came to Europe in the mid to late 18th century, as the Chinese were so much more advanced with their porcelain production.
a 250 year old piece is not rare ,... the quality is the key. how fine the painting is, how finely potted, quality of colours, size etc.

as a general rule , no piece later than 1800 has a place in a true collectors cabinet, with rare exceptions of course.

but then i have a Ming period blue and white bowl which i picked up for 80Irish pounds years ago, and was catalogued correctly. so age dosent always mean value !!!
Cant wait to hear from you, and would be delighted to help.

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