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Usually I'm a sucker for brands and big prices etc, and I normally would spand E50 - E100 per visit to the health shop. But my finances are on life support right now, so I've had to trade down for a few weeks.

Anyway, my question is this:

I got vitamins from Aldi last Sunday for (about) E1.99 per monthly pack. One was Vitamin C / Zinc, the other was Cod Liver Oil. Am I wasting my time? Do you "get what you pay for" with vitamins? They seem really cheap.

My mum always gets Aldi / Lidl vitamins and I was always scathing of them before I fell on hard times

turbot Registered User

My understanding is that for generic vitamins, like Vitamin C, manufacturing processes mean that cheaper is probably just fine in terms of quality.

For multivitamins, often cheaper multivitamins may contain less interesting trace minerals / nutrients, so cheaper multivitamins may not be as good, though are still ok.

However, with Fish Oils, it's worth being careful, as the quality, and the purity can vary highly.

rediguana Registered User

Cheers, Turbot. My question is a bit of a moot point anyway, as beggars can't be choosers. Once my ship sails in in a few weeks, I'll be heading right back to 'Here's Health' etc for my branded pills

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