fade2black Banned

I bought a new desktop and installed all the usuals...However, firefox won't play videos anymore. It tells me to install a plug in and then recommends Windows Media Player which of course I have.

I've searched google for this and I've seen dozens of people with the same problem but as yet not one person has answered it adequately.

Any ideas?

(Also, every now and again my BRAND NEW PC Tower makes a buzzing noise that only stops when I gently tap the tower...that can't be good surely!)

Steffano2002 Registered User

Could you please post a link of one of these videos you cannot see? I want to check if I have the same problem.

As for the buzzing sound, it must be a fan somewhere... Is it coming from the PSU? Processor cooling fan? Graphics Card?

fade2black Banned


It seems to be wmv files that it has a problem with.

8T8 Registered User

Install Windows Media Player 11 & that should correct the problem hopefully as for whatever reason Firefox is not seeing the WMP plugin.

If that doesn't work just re-install Firefox 2 again straight over the current install.

fade2black Banned

I reinstalled WMP already...I'll try reinstalling Firefox now

Endurance Man Registered User

Yup, you need the new media player. You could also try VLC player although iv never tried the Firefox plugin options.

Steffano2002 Registered User

Works for me too in FireFox with WMP11. Run Windows Update and install it. Problem solved.

fade2black Banned

None of the above worked. Still won't play.

Endurance Man Registered User

None of the above worked. Still won't play.

Hmm, go to Tools - Options and click on the Content tab. Click the manage button under File types and see what it has next to WMV files. If it doesnt say media player try setting it to that.

fade2black Banned

Aha! Here's the crux of the problem.

WMV is not in there.

muckwarrior Registered User

I'm experiencing the same problem. Anyone know how to set file associations manually?


My Computer->Tools->Options->File Types, you can change them there I think.

fade2black Banned

Still not working!! grr

8T8 Registered User

Uninstall Firefox and delete your profile inside the Mozilla folder from your user folder in documents & settings. That will make Firefox do a clean install the next time.

(Be sure of course to backup any bookmarks etc)

Just in case load WMP go into Tools->Options->File Types mand make sure WMV is associated with WMP.

After the re-install load Firefox and type this into the address bar about:plugins and press enter and it will display the plugins Firefox has located in the system. If all went well you should see a Windows Media Player Plug-in Dynamic Link Library listing with various file types underneath.

If that fails then I suggest you follow the missing WMP plugin fix on Mozillazine wiki.

kinaldo Registered User

what a cool video, cheers for that!

I remember having the same problem with my new laptop, posted here and was told to get the new WMP which did the trick.

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