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Hey everyone,
My friend is getting plagued by text messages from a number he does not recognise - the texts always say something like ' can you call me on this number 086XXXXXX - to call back press the 'dial now' option' . He thinks someone may be using this number to steal credit from peoples phones, so he doesn't want to text or call the number from his mobile. Could this really be a scam?Also, his phone will ring once, and before he can answer it, it's gone and it's a missed call from the same number. I advised him to ring the said number from a landline, but he can't try that until he's back in work

Have any of you gotten such texts or calls??

Webmonkey Registered User

Just a pranker id say. Call me texts can be sent for free from o2 to o2 by typinging *103*phoneno#
Probabably someone just messing, wouldn't worry too much. Just ring back off landline or block number and see who answers.

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Yeah as Webmonkey said they are free to send from o2 mobiles. Probable just a pranker...say your friend thinks he's a bit of that with a w


If it's really pissing you off it may be worth giving O2 a call and reporting it. And if you've got a couple of extra mins file a quick report with the guards.

Who knows, maybe he's done it to others too and they've done the same?

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Thanks guys.
He reported it to O2 and asked them to block the number, but they said they couldn't and it was probably someone just pranking - they didn't seem interested. I guess he will have to put up with it until it stops.

He hasn't been pranking anyone else.


Nah, didn't expect them to be able to block his number for you. Try filing a report with the Guards aswell if you're walking by...

Not sure if it'll have any major effect but others may be having the same problem and maybe one Guard, or one customer care agent may notice something.

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Sorry to drag this up again.

My wife has got two of these messages today.
Best to ignore them for now I guess?


kleefarr said:
Sorry to drag this up again.

My wife has got two of these messages today.
Best to ignore them for now I guess?

There's nothing malicious in them really .. maybe someone sent them to your wife by mistake. I really wouldn't worry about it unless you're getting them every five mins ..

Sully Moderator

I always thought o2 limited such messages to avoid such abuse?

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