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I have just moved to Leixlip. Before this i was living in Cork, and after 6 years there, i had sussed out the best places to buy my meat and fish. Now in a new city, i haven't a clue where to go. At the moment, i am making the trip out to Howth on a saturday, but it is pretty inconvenient, and i don't find them overly helpful.

One thing, i know that Superquinn are supposed to do good fish, but i would prefer to buy my fish from a fishmonger rather than in a supermarket. I'm not being snobby, i just prefer it this way.

Does anyone know of a good fish shop reasonably central in Dublin, or out near leixlip/maynooth?

In addition, can anyone recommend a good butcher in the same areas.

Failing these locations, i am willing to travel a bit for a very good fish shop/butchers.

Many thanks in advance.

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Watkins Butchers 'down the town' have a good reputation. I'm not a fan of fish myself, but afaik the parents go to Superquinn.

There's also a good butchers, massive place, outlet store job, down around Clane I think.

And if yer into supporting the struggling local business man, the butcher beside SuperValu in Riverforest couldn't be nicer.

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Thanks Ibid
I do like to support the local butcher. When i lived in Cork i knew my local butcher, and it is nice to get to know the people you buy meat and fish from, rather than some stranger in a supermarket.

I'll try those suggestions

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Got some info of fish for you today. There's a van that sells fish in Maynooth on Thursdays, and a similar operation in the aforementioned Watkins Butchers selling salmon also on Thursdays.

Should keep you going.


If you're looking for something cheap, Eurospar do deals on Fridays on their meat, they often have fish as well.

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