cownut Registered User

Title says it all really, I'm thinking about getting some kind of tribal-ish thing done on my arm from shoulder to elbow but I'm concerned that I might not really have the physique for it and it might just look brutal.. I dunno, opinions??

amazingemmet Registered User

Men with skinny arms look brutal full stop.

Ideally you want you chest to be 6.5 x your wrist then your arm to 36% of the chest so work it out for yourself.

CorsetRibbons Registered User

You're so nasty emmet.

I'll tell you how to pump those muscles. Work in an icecream parlour. Pulling the ice-cream from a tub in a scoop will give you huge muscles after a few months. Trust me, I've been there. Ideally, work there during the summer. You'll not stop making cones for a second in the day.
Also, get a chin up bar from Argos. Install it in your doorway and get busy. My brother has one and his arms looks great. He used to have skinny enough arms. Now they're just a nice size.
There are endless options. Just be creative. Waiting for your tattoo will be worth it if you can get your arms right first.

Phenobarbidoll Registered User

I'm gonna have to agree! Work on the arms over the winter, and by the time the summer rolls around you'll have the arms and the weather to show off your new ink.

amazingemmet Registered User

Don't just work on the arms! work everything! Skinny men sicken me so do skinny women and no i don't like fat people either

CorsetRibbons Registered User

A chin up bar will probably work best for you. It will work most of the upper body. Back, shoulders, arms, tummy. You'll look dazzling!

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