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As with the Bops thread, feel free to ask Fuzzbox about poker, women, religion and biscuits. Try to keep the poker content level reasonably high!

What online games are you playing?
What stakes?
How many tables?
Are you running good or bad?
Do you have a big enough bankroll for these stakes?

Family Guy or South Park?

BigCityBanker Registered User

What are the 3 most important rules for playing online cash games?

What makes you uncomfortable about the table you are at? (no refs to playing beyond bankroll - just ur normal table)

What is the most common mistake that you see and punish in online cash?

What is the sound of one hand clapping?


Bandana boy Registered User

Which poker player do you admire the most
and who do you think your most like
How did you get into poker
Why is your head shaped like a mallet


Which do you prefer, live or online poker?

Do you ever get bored with Poker?

How often do you play (hours per day/ days per week)

Do you feel pressure when faced with a tough decision on the table or do you think you can cope with all decisions based on past experience?


Rnger Registered User

how long have you been playing poker?
how old are you?
did you ever do 3rd level education?

is the phrase according to you "play it by ear" or "play it by year"?

slegs Registered User

Hows the new job going?

Lazare Registered User

Do you play live much Fuzz?
If so, are you well known on the Irish poker scene?

(not asking for your name btw)

TacT Registered User

what do you think is the biggest weakness in your game?
what do you think is the strongest part of your game?
Can we get some PT stats on the level you're currently playing the most please?
what are your favourite biscuits and do you prefer them with tea or coffee?

NickyOD Registered User

Is a "fuzz box" really what I think it is?

sikes Registered User

have you noticed that you deal with everyday problems in a different way since playing poker? eg not letting emotions get in way etc,

say you get into an argument with a friend/relative about poker, what are the main points you would use to show that poker has a positive influence on your life. (apart from the money)

Gholimoli Registered User

How did you get in to poker?

What element of your game to do you feel has contributed most to your success?

Give a short opinion on TLS (Tourney life Syndrome)?

What attributes do you think makes a complete player?

Have you ever gone busto and what was the cause of it and how did you deal with it?

Besides NL Holdem what other form of poker would you feel that you’re good at?

If you had to play a 9 handed deep stack cash games with 8 other players from here ,what 8 would you least rather have on your table?

Where did the name Fuzzbox come from?


Hmm Who is the Fuzzman?

If Tony G or some other agressive player started shouting (in yer face) at you about poor play, would you
a) Kick him in the Nutzzz(ala Kartman)
b) Smile and blow kisses at him.
c) Put on the headphones and listen to the sweet tunes of Daniel.O'D
d) Your answer

What percentage of your winnings is actual winnings, by this I mean do you view winnings as just more bankroll OR do you buy yourself something nice for the weekend (%?)

There is a 500 tourny on in all of these places simultaneously -> THe SE, The Fitz, The Red Cow (pokerevents) , the Green joker boy or a Pub game. . Which one would you pick and why? sure if yer bold rate them 1 to 5 in order of expected success.

Whick of these players would be the greatest striker ever to play football .

A) Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
B)Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
C)Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

I hate to be boring but what is your favourite non premium hand?

Who on the boards has the biggest ego IYO?. ( I have a list of 212 and can't decide between em)

If you dog someone who is a really nice person do you feel any remorse or do you think ' why were you in my way' (guess who that is:-)

Which of the following would you pick as an opponent if you had to get involved in a physical fight with. A boxer, A rugby player a Karate expert ,a wrestler OR a Poker

El Stuntman Registered User

Hi Fuzzbox,

is poker your sole source of income?

do you impose rules on yourself in relation to bankroll/limits and if so, what are they? do you break your own rules?

what's the softest poker network in your opinion and why?

do you do any sportsbetting and what's your opinion on it generally?

is wearing a blazer with gold buttons over designer jeans just sad or really, really cool?

Marq Hosted Moderator

(not asking for your name btw)

What's your name?

ianmc38 Registered User


1. What's more important for you - tits or ass?

2. Will you encourage/teach your kids to become poker players?

3. How's your new job?

4. What do you think is your best game?

5. What is the best piece of poker literature you've read?

6. On the greatness scale of 1-10 where 1 is terrible and 10 is that guy ianmc38, where would you put Sklankys writings?

7. If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring 3 things what would they be?

8. What's the optimal strategy for a small tourney with a small starting chip stack and short blind levels?

9. What's your favourite casino in Dublin/Ireland and why?

10. What do you rate as the best recreational drug?

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