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Is there an exhaust specialist in the dublin area who could sort me out with a catalytic converter for a 00 renault scenic (ref JAOW)
The part seems to cost 750euro new ordered from Renault.
Did anyone else get their catalytic converter changed recently.
It seems some universal catalytic converter can be fitted.
Any idea of a place who would do that ?

crosstownk Registered User

There are spurious cats available. Sometimes a spurious one will invlove some butchery to your exhaust system, but not all.

It really depends on how much you are willing to spend. But on a 2000 car I'd be inclined not to go with the main dealer option.

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many spurious ones seem to be total crap - the GSF ones for BMWs last a few weeks only - be careful with your money

colm_mcm Registered User

my friend got a 2 spurious cats for her 316i and they both wore out after a month. thought it was just bad luck or something else causing the cats to fail.

vecchiaem Registered User

I bought a catalytic converter from a breaker in the UK. Assuming I get the right one, how difficult is it to change it on a 00 Renault Scenic?
Should I consider doing it myself or use a small garage ? how much
would they charge to fit the cat any idea ?

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I bought a catalytic converter from a breaker in the UK. Assuming I get the right one, how difficult is it to change it on a 00 Renault Scenic?
simply - car up, cut out old cat, weld in new cat, car down

Should I consider doing it myself or use a small garage ?
Are you mechanically experienced?
Have you access to a ramp, and a welder? It may be possible to attach it some other way (exhaust clamps?) but do you have the tools?
If not then you have no choice!

how much would they charge to fit the cat any idea ?

It would possibly be at an hourly rate - €40 or 50 upwards

Lex Luthor Registered User

I recently bought the front flexi section of the exhaust from the cat section to the manifold from a UK supplier. It was an OE part. I paid €210 inc shipping when the dealer was looking for over €400. I brought it to my local Advace Pitstop and they fitted it in half an hour for €40. There was no welding involved so it wasn't a big job for them. The dealer was looking to charge another €85+VAT for fitting.

I could have done it myself, but this is Ireland, its cold this time of year and I couldn't be ar$ed

vecchiaem Registered User

I am looking at trying to fit the cat myself. I am told I need to replace the
seal between the collector and the "new" second hand catalytic converter.
Is that necessary? I am also told I can buy a sheet and cut the seal myself.
What kind of sheet is this and where can I find this ?
As always, thanks for your help

hi5 Registered User

The reason many cats only last afew hundred miles after changing is the lamba sensor is also faulty,this causes incorrect mixture and could also be why the first one went.
I welded a €150 generic to a Merc c180 and saved €1200,passes its NCT and still going strong 25000 miles later.

Mr.Diagnostic Registered User


Aftermarket cats are bad news. I have seen so many faulty that I no longer fit them. The problem is that a lot of the well known exhaust brands are outsourcing production.
A diagnostic specialist friend of mine recently had trouble with aftermarket cats on a Scenic and eventually fixed it by fitting a Walker brand one. Dont take this as a reccomendation, just in case
As hi5 said above, cats usually go because of a fault in the engine management system (lambda sensor or otherwise) so it is vital that this is looked into or you will be in the same position again soon after. The reps from the exhaust companies will always try and say that the car was the cause too, not easy to prove unless you or your mechanic/tech is able to hold his own in a tech type conversation.

P.S. I see quite a few wrongly diagnosed so be sure that it needs to be replaced first.

vecchiaem Registered User

Thanks for the advises. I am quiet sure the cat is broken as there is
a noise coming out of the cat ( like a stone in the cylinder part moving freely )
The old cat has 84k miles so I guess I got a good run out of it.
The second hand cat I got from the UK was also delivered with the lamba sensor attached to it. So I don't have to fit the old lamba sensor to the new cat. Back to my seal question, does the seal need to be changed ( ie the seal between the collector and cat ) ?

GarC77 Registered User

Hi. I recently imported this clio from the UK. Unfortunately I didn't make myself fully aware of the mods done to it by previous owner. Anyway it recently failed the NCT on emmissions and main Renault dealer wants around €700 to sort out exhaust system.

Apparently it has a straight through system.

Also after the very shoddy service I received from them (plus a €900 bill for badly done work.....another story) I am reluctant to go back.

Any suggestions of a good / reasonable costing place to have this done would be appreciated.

vecchiaem Registered User

Hey, I got a second hand catalytic converter from , very reliable and got the part delivered in a week. Give them a shout, they might be able to provide you with the all exhaust piece you need.
Also maybe try a couple of breakers around the country. Any idea where I can find a gasket fitting between the cat and collector of a renault scenic ?
I need to talk to renault if they sell it.

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