loyatemu Registered User


spefically says - "from your laptop, external HD, USB stick, memory card (SD, MMC, SM, CF etc), or a DVD/ CD in all common formats"


dont know about the "from your laptop" bit
the rest sounds good, but for 50eu i wouldnt be arsed queuing up at half six or whatever time them maniacs do be outside lidls at...

johnny_adidas Registered User

im assuming it'll play divx and vcds? doesnt say on the website exactly what formats


it says all common formats,
which for lidl would mean mpeg1/2/4

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Here a picture from the leaflet

Nalz Registered User

when you say from Usb, does that mean it will play any video directfrom a usb key/stick when its plugged into it?


as long as the drive is foramtted as fat32, then yes

neacy69 Registered User

how would you connect your laptop to this?


thats what i dont understand
maybe they mean by copying to a usb drive

the manual is here
and doesnt mention a netowrk port or anyhting like that

Maxwell Registered User

Will backed up DVDs on a hard drive connected to this through USB - will it play them?


depends what format there in.
the one i had before would play bin/cue or iso images,
but would play vobs direclty from a video_ts folder

johnny_adidas Registered User

thanks for that eolhc!!!

peckerhead Registered User

According to that manual subway linked to:

USB memory sticks (USB)
The DVD player supports USB memory sticks 1.1 and 2.0 up to a capacity of 512 MB.


thats unfortunate,
i bought one 2 years ago that supported a 250gig drive plugged in.

loyatemu Registered User

the Lidl blurb is fairly blatant about it supporting external HDD (though it does also say laptop which is nonsense)

might see if I can pick one up and try it out - its only 50 lids after all.

EDIT - the previous Silvercrest player sold by Lidl said the same thing (512k max) in the manual but plenty of boardsheads managed to get it working with their HDD

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