scorplett Registered User

Pagan's in the pub is on again...

This Thursday Feb 21st.

Same place

Same time

But there may be creme eggs about!

Agent J Registered User

Someone want to tell the oak king to get his ass in gear? *shivers*

Will be there.

Shiminay Moderator

I'll be in Galway, so in my absence, I wish you to shout obscenities at the staff

MysticalSoul Registered User

Oh, this sounds just like what I've been looking for over the past few years. I was constantly hoping would have someone hosting some kind of meetup. If only I'd thought of checking out this section of the forum

hairyheretic Registered User

What's the venue? The Mont Clare hotel bar?

hairyheretic Registered User

I'm aiming to. Assuming nothing unexpected crops up I should be there.





WindSock said:

Whats the D'oh for ?
Sure if you missed last nights one there will be another one in two weeks time.


Cool. I'll try to make it along to that one. Be gentle with me though, it's my first time


Aw, ta. Sounds like my kind of topics.


And we will be meething up this week, same time, same place.
You going to make it along Windock ?


When+Where, etc?


I was thinking about it, I finish work at 5 then I was going to wander around town until 8.30 but it's pissing rain I may go to liffey valley instead then pop in on my way home.

Shiminay Moderator

I've always meant to add, anyone who wants internet access whilst in the Mont Clare, PM me I've bumped into one or 2 who've arrived early and have been foolishly paying for internets! Not on my watch

(I'm in the IT Department for the hotel btw, not some sorta ha><0r).

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