Dun laoire Registered User


My richlist position is 59,896,717

You're in the TOP 0.99%
richest people in the world!

Huggles Registered User

Top 2.74%


Top .71%

I am insanely jealous of the 40 million or so souls that are [Harry Enfield] considewably wicher than yew[/Harry Enfield].


there are 679000 people who earn 159108 Weird type in 159108 then 159109


674,695,434 person.

Black Swan Category Moderator

I'm so rich you have to dilute me.

Plug Registered User

I'm the 5,780,722,892 richest person on earth!

hairyfairy00 Registered User

Woo Hoo i'm the 260,866,087th richest person 4.34%.

netwhizkid Banned

I am the 10,113,171 richest person in the world! And in the TOP 0.16%of the
richest people in the world! Cool, A few more years and my financial philosophy will have paid off

Kojak Registered User

I'm supposed to be the 467,890,230 richest person in the world!

I'm in the TOP 7.79% richest people in the world!

6ix Registered User

Of course none of this takes into account any assets/savings/investments/lotto winnings that you may have.

cooker3 Registered User

I am 767,702,352
Ah the perils of being a student

biko Arbiter

You are the 335,688,506 richest person in the world!

fifib Registered User

You are the 607,090,295richest person in the world! You're in the TOP 10.11%
richest people in the world!

kippy Registered User

Thats just stupid.
Entering an annual salary of:
Results in you being the 107,565 richest person in the world.
I'd like to see the science behind it.
Its just a good method of getting charitable donations by the looks of it.

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