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I was looking at cd players in the argos catalogue and most of them say FM/AM tuner but one that I was looking at says MW/LW PLL analogue tuner. Is this completely different from FM and you can't get the same channels - today FM, 2 FM etc??

Haven't got a clue about these things!


yeah, MW and LW are different bands - MW: Medium Wave; LW: Long Wave. PLL: Phase. Locked Loop

Basically, if you want to listen to today fm etc, make sure you have FM. I'd be amazed if you could buy a stereo or tuner without FM tbh.

MW and LW (while loved by us who love radio) are better for speech than music. Hope that helps.


Especially for the sports.

radiospan Registered User

AFAIK, AM means MW and LW.

Although AM can just mean that the radio has MW and not LW.

(Open to corrections on that)

Christineb Registered User

Thanks for all the help, i just went for an FM one in the end!

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...and here is a completely useless fact, LW (Long Wave) really is long, the wavelength can be in excess of 1000 meters!

AM/MW (Amplitude modulation/Medium Wave) is not so long and SW (Short Wave) is approximately 200 meters or less.

See, told you it's a useless fact.

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