Can anyone recommend or has anyone had dealings with a company that provide wireless hotspots for hotels and the gateway software that goes with it?


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The only company I have used in this respect is Eircom. The local hotel provides that service and before I had BB the son used to go down there with his PSP(for updates ect). He bought a scratch card with a given number for a certain amount of money. On entering the number from his scratchcard he could connect to the net through the wireless service for a given amount of time. It worked fine although was a bit expensive. A bit like pay as you go.

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Can anyone recommend or has anyone had dealings with a company that provide wireless hotspots for hotels and the gateway software that goes with it?
If you're just looking for a cheap way to provide wireless hotspots, have a look at www.fonero.com

If you're looking for someone to install the the whole system for you, I don't have any suggestions - it's hard to see how the margins involved would justify the costs. Are there enough customers who'd be willing to pay enough to make the service worthwhile, and pay for the installation costs?

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Best link for fon is http://www.fon.com/ (other one should work but isn't official).

Basically the deal with this is that you can get half the revenue from the system. Obviously, the capital costs are very low.

We would say the charge for the fon service is realistic - 3 euros per day or less, or free if you are a member of the network.

If you have a shop or a hotel, get in touch and I will see if I can get you some free routers (disclaimer: I am an adviser at FON). Also I would be happy to explain FON in more detail.



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We would say the charge for the fon service is realistic - 3 euros per day or less, or free if you are a member of the network.
I wasn't questioning the cost of FON - I was questioning whether it'd be worth paying a company a couple of hundred euro to install and setup something other than FON for you.

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Sorry, didn't mean to sound like I was disagreeing with you! I agree completely. However, if you have a big premises and no preexisting wiring, it might be worth a few hundred euros to fit it properly.

One thing to clarify - for the fon hotspot owner, the service is for free. The three euros per day is for end customers to use it (and the hotspot owner gets half of that).


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I do see that you are asking for a company who deals with hotspots, but if you can get this done yourself, then this is the app to go for.


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Fonero sounds like the cheapest/simplest option by far , i think bitbuzz do stuff aimed at hotels too.
As for as wireless hotspots/gateway software , you can get routers that have it all onboard,use them all the time


Thanks for respsonses to far guys.

Anyone used basewireless.net?

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Is it just one AP you were thinking of or available in every room ? post up a bit more and i'll send on links that might suit.

<edit > there is a lot of rubbish out there , probably cause hassle for boards to metion names to avoid .


I think they would be looking to go down the route of have the entire complex under the wireless umbrella. Bitbuzz were the only company to give a positive response to my queries, so they might serve the purpose.

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well its all depend on what you want.
and second its can be done very easy if you want to have a pc which can control every thing then you can have credit card payment options, scratch card, then you can make money from advertisement like giving internet free with some adds etc....
and you can add as many router as you want to make signals stronger if areas is bigger.

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Google for one of these : ZyAIR Hotspot Gateway , it will print tickets and do all the other hotspot stuff for you .

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I had a similar situation. It was only for a guesthouse, about 6 rooms (some of which were family suites) and we wanted to give them free wireless internet. We used the FON Router in addition to a general wireless router. The general wireless router was named after the guesthouse and required no authorisation.

That way, anybody in the house can just switch on and receive the free wifi signal. We have no plans to charge for the service, so its open access general wifi with no authorisation required.

We had authorisation in our inital release, but it was causing difficutlies as the code to connect was fairly long. Im sure there are other solutions, but the way I just described was the easiest for us.

(Note: Also bought a repeater for a part of the house that was unable to get a strong signal).

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Just to disclose the interest, I do some work for FON. FON now allows 15 minutes of free use without having to pay, if you look at an ad.

You can also configure a username/password on the fon router to be used by guests.

Please be careful if you open up your network completely. If you have any servers or printers or other stuff on the network, or if your machines don't have all the latest patches and so on, you could be leaving yourself open. It isn't that professional hackers are going to come after you or anything; it's more that someone would be fooling around and mess things up.

I used to leave my own router open. Someone in the house was using it. I didn't mind - I'm happy to share what I have, but then the neighbour (whom I didn't know) caught one of those worm things. It made crap of my internal network and it was quite a pain to clean it all up.

The fon setup (or similar) will avoid a lot of those problems.

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