jahalpin Registered User

I just recieved a rather dodgy looking e-mail proporting to be from lovell-rugby, a rugby store based in Devon. I have bought a couple of tops from them in the past.

The email came from an address sales@lovell-rugby.org, the domain of which was only registered on the 2nd Oct 2006 and is based in Florida.

Basically, the e-mail was asking me to confirm my Mastercard Securecode details. While it is obviouslya scam I am a bit worried as they the product details from ny last order and the first and last 4 digits of the card number used

Has anyone else recieved one of these e-mails?

PS: I have e-mailed a copy of the e-mail to the real lovell-rugby for verification

daveirl Registered User

I've bought from them in the past and didn't get one of the emails so I'd say it's dodgy!

daveirl Registered User

Oh yeah their site was down yesterday so I wonder did they get hacked and an email list stolen or something....

daveirl Registered User

I got an email today that directed me to a fake domain for lovell rugby. It had all my card details. I've now cancelled them. They must have been hacked in to and had the info stolen and it appears they decided not to notifiy anyone.

I'm incredibly pissed off.

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