Hankyspanky123 Registered User

Ok ill try to keep this to the point...

I enjoy frequent mastrubation, not every day but most days. Over the years iv used different methods including vibrators, water jets etc. However recently when i mastrubate using fingers only (also happens when im with guys) i find it much harder to orgasm...

This leads me to wonder if my cliterous has been desensitized by using the above mentioned things? Is this possible? Is it reversable and has it ever happened to any other females on the boards?

NeMiSiS Registered User

Stress ?


Kell Registered User

This leads me to wonder if my cliterous has been desensitized by using the above mentioned things?

Certain ex's have found that over reliance on one form of stimulation or another made it virtually impossible for the to cum without application of whatever they usually go for.

Conditioning more so than method methinks.


chamlis Registered User

Are you on any medication?
Even something that might seem completely insignificant might have an effect.

I'm on tablets at the moment and I have to say that they have, ugh, "changed" things slightly. I wasn't told about it either, I had to look it up on the net.

Obviously I'm a guy so, you know..... but maybe worth thinking about. Even a particular vitamin supplement etc might do it.

craichoe Registered User

Stop masturbating for 2 weeks and see what its like ... its probably just in your own head

Lurk Registered User

More than likely you've gotten used to the anticipation of the sex toy. If you just use your fingers for a few weeks you'll probably get back into that habit.

katiemac Registered User

chill and relax. Lie back and just slowly and sensitively rub yourself rythmically. think and enjoy sexy thoughts. your sexy undies, tights, kissing, hugging, wearing nice clothes that turn you on, enjoying your partner. Don't pressure yourself to cum. Just let it happen and you will be fine.

ps your penname here conjuers up images of spanking. do you enjoy that? It might also help you.

LundiMardi Registered User

Over use of porn would have the same effect on guys i would think...

Just get rid of the toys, starve yourself of orgasmic bliss for as long as you can and then see how things go

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