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Im not sure if anyone actual noticed this...



In the first recorded case of base jumping in Ireland, Cedric Dumont has completed three out of four planned parachute jumps from high locations and then posted the videos online. The video of the third jump, completed on Friday morning, shows him stopping his car on the M50 toll bridge in Dublin, climbing over a safety fence and jumping off the Westlink bridge.

According to 37-year-old Dumont, the freefall of one second and 38-metre drop made it Europe’s lowest base jump. But the video, which has been watched by hundreds of fans on the YouTube website, may now be used by gardai as evidence against him.

National Toll Roads (NTR) said it was appalled at Red Bull and Dumont for performing the stunt on the Westlink. “This extremely dangerous stunt was totally unauthorised,” said NTR. “It’s an incredibly stupid act. They have shown no concern for health and safety. They’ve also shown no concern for fellow drivers by parking their car where there is no hard shoulder. That is illegal, as is climbing on the railings. We will be pursuing this matter.”

The “base” in base jumping is an acronym for building, antenna, span, earth. Dumont’s four jumps will cover each of these letters — the M50 bridge jump completed the ‘s’, but the earlier ‘a’ jump off the Kippure broadcast mast on the Dublin-Wicklow border is set to land him in hot water too.

RTE said it was “absolutely livid” after viewing the online video of Dumont climbing over security fencing before diving off the 110-metre high mast. It is understood that RTE Transmission Network (RTENL), which owns the mast, has forwarded the video to gardai in Bray and asked them to investigat

A former Irish base jumper said Dumont was ruining the sport for Irish participants. He said publicising a location's suitability would only ensure authorities made it harder to access places like the M50 bridge, which he claims was used previously by Irish jumpers



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Cool sport. I'd like to try it some day.

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