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Question for anyone coming into Trinity - what do you think college will be like? Do you believe that it will be hard, easy, difficult, exciting etc?

Since Freshers' Week starts next week, you'll be thrown into it from then on, but what do you expect from your time here? Might be interesting to look at your responses in a week or two!

I personally came into college telling all my friends how I was going to 'take it down from the inside'

RagShagBill Registered User

I've got viciously high-expectations. Days of Intellectual inquiry matched only by nights of alcoholic inquiry, coupled at the same time with a brown blend corduroy and tweed. High-expectations, I say, which will no doubt result in terrific disappointment.

Has anyone read Clive James' memoirs? Well, for those who have, I expect my time in Trinity to be something like James' in Cambridge.

Edwardius Moderator

You're gonna get bitter and angry.

Edit: 666th post. Time to crack out the Iron Maiden...

RagShagBill Registered User

Importantly though, I will attain neither the degree of anger, nor bitterness, I would have attained had I found myself in any of this island's other universities. With the exception, perhaps, of DBS, which I hear is a veritable utopia for the tweeded drinker.

cianclarke Registered User

I'm expecting a middlish difficulty level. In terms of expectations, pretty damn high. Unsure of what to think of my course, how well I'll take to it, the usual doubts. Worried about having probably forgotton everything short of basic addition and subtraction.

happydance Registered User

Ive got the high expectations to, I'm one of those overly positive people! It's all going to be great, hey, after the leaving the only way to go is up right? Only thing I'm not looking forward to is the commute-I've never spent much time on the bus before, Can't wait for next week though-I just want to find out everything!

Troglodyte Registered User

Well, all I can say is that college is exactly what you make of it. Not a very definate answer but its the best one that I can give.

Dave Larkin Registered User

I don't expect the course to be easy. If it were easy, it would be no fun. I've been doing the preliminary Chemistry course for the past couple of days and I have to say that Science looks like a great subject. That said, I haven't even touched my favourite of the sciences, biology, yet. College isn't all about education, though.

The only way to find out how it will be is to experience it for yourself and not to have any high or low expectations, in my opinion.


Not a Fresher. But I had high expectations for college. They weren't met. Well...eh...enjoy having your hopes dashed.

Troglodyte Registered User

Not a Fresher. But I had high expectations for college. They weren't met. Well...eh...enjoy having your hopes dashed.

Meh, I kind of know what you mean. I half expected that college would be an endless cycle of socialising, mixing with fascinating people, pontificating on the great issues of the day while pensively stroking my chin berfore a rapturous audience, getting laid every other night, etc.

I was probably hoping for a bit much there Still, I ended up having a pretty good time.

estilos Registered User

The examiner asked me this in my irish oral, and I still don't know the answer.

I hope my course won't be too easy, And I hope I don't insult, scare, or embarrass anyone in my class (and vice versa). After that, anything not unbearably boring would be great.

Awayindahils Registered User

I hope my course won't be too easy, And I hope I don't insult, scare, or embarrass anyone in my class (and vice versa).

A first, I've read in one of your posts that you've done a bit (as in quiet alot of programming for a first year) before, or what seems like a lot to me. Word of advice, to avoid the 2nd thing mentioned above, don't show off too much and when people find out that you know stuff be prepared to help those not finding it as 'easy'.

estilos Registered User

Thank you (for advice). And apologies if I gave you reason to think I would show off. I'm not very good at working out what other people will think of what I say (hence the worry about adverse reactions). I like to help/be helped, though

irishguy00 Registered User

I don't have great expectations, you know, the usual wild sex parties every night, with my pick of exotic, yet unique, beautiful women.

And if these terms aren;t met, then TCD can go to hell. Pffft, thats not even college then.

Papillon87 Registered User

Trying to go in with an open mind: a hard task. Worried I'll hate English as everyone I've mentioned it to has reacted the same way: *gasp*, pained expression and the words "Er, well, good luck". My singing teacher even felt the need to inform me that "I hated English at college, I failed it and dropped it". Worried about French as everyone on here is saying the Department is crap. Scared I'll make no friends because I am cripplingly shy, which a lot of people mistake for arrogance. Looks like I'm screwed really!

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