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Maybe this will take off... how about a bike goods for bike goods trade?

I have...

This stuff could be useful building up an MTB for commuting on the cheap.

  • Used Bontrager MTB Stem will fits all 1& 1/8th. ok shape. Will post pic and specs later.
  • Very used no-brand alu MTB flat bar - looks terrible but works great. Guaranteed to put a bike thief off going near your bike. Suitable for road use or lght XC, I wouldn't trust it on downhills.
  • Almost new MTB Bontrager riser bar - has about 10 miles on it, if that. Practically perfect condition.
  • Very used but working Wellgo WPD 801 clipless pedals. Again, very used in appearance but working fine.
  • Suspension fork: Insync Grind 323, crappy stock fork from Trek 4300. 2 years old, lots of mileage on it, *badly in need of service* unless you like your suspension almost rigid. Fits any standard MTB frame.

I want ...

Anything to finish building up a road bike. I dont particularly care how it looks so long as it's functional and works without being dangerous.
  • drop bars,
  • stem,
  • headset,
  • bar tape,
  • saddle.

So, post up what you've got hanging about and maybe we can clear out our garages and help each other out at the same time. No cash involved: swap bike stuff for bike stuff.

jayj Registered User

is that is dots??

Simona1986 Registered User

Hmmm, I've got.
Rear XC wheel with 8pd casette
2*suspension forks, one disc only think it's 80mm Axel something or other.
One 63mm chili fork, disc and v mounts.
Front wheel, disc only + rotor.
Few tyres (mtb)
Old saddle and seatpost.
Shifters etc and an old drive train but I'm not sure it would be worth putting on a bike, haven't had a look at it.
Giant front disc brake, needs oil, pads in good nic.
I need a new DH stem, I'll get the measurements again.

Trojan Ask me about websites

Can you give details on the saddle & seatpost? What MTB tyres and condition?

I do have a stem I forgot to mention that might suit you if you're changing your bars soon - dumb mistake I made, I bought it then realised it was the wrong clamp size for my MTB bars. Edit: 55mm long stem, 22.2mm clamp (aka bmx size). Doesn't fit "oversize clamp" bars.

Would work well with many of the riser bars on here - check clamp size:

Simona1986 Registered User

I'll have a look in the garage and take some pics this evening. I would imagine the seatpost it too wide for any roadbike though. What length is the stem you bought, I'll measure my bars later but from memory they're quite skinny.

Simona1986 Registered User

What are the sizes for bars - they are damn hard to measure. Mine seem to be aprox. 25mm in DIAMETER, wasn't sure what to measure and only had tense tape. If your stem would fit I'm definately interested, I'd want to see how long mine is at the moment is first though. I only managed to take a few crap shots of stuff, I'll try and measure stuff properly and take some decent photos in the next day or two.
I did manage to find a stem though, I have bars to go with it also but I haven't measured them either I'm afraid. Nothing special anyway.
I've attatched a pic aswell as a pic of two tyres, one on the disc wheel and another pic of the seatpost (forgot to measure it) but I don't think it's much use to anyone really.

Trojan Ask me about websites

I think the measurement is diameter, but taken in the very centre where the stem will clam. If your bars are 25 at the end then they'll be too big unfortunately.

The stem I have is the 55mm length. It's beautiful - I was tempted to buy some new bars to suit it actually

I also have

  • platform pedals - black alum, used [/*]
  • 26" front and rear wheels incl slick tyres[/*]

Not sure I want to get rid of these, but if anyone has something I badly need I'd consider it.

jayj Registered User

hi, am selling ...

Trojan Ask me about websites

Hmmm, swap not sell. There's an adverts place for selling.

jayj Registered User

hi there, ya id swap what ya got??

Raam Registered User

Have these for swap...
Bought them new with roadbike about 4 months ago as I had SPDs from my MTB. Moved to LOOK pedals on the road bike a while back, so have no use for these anymore.

And these...
Bought set of SPDs without a platform after about a years commuting use.

Cleats not included in either of the pedals as they are worn down at this stage.

Will consider any fair offer. If nothing comes up I'll stick em for sale on adverts.

Will get pictures of them at the weekend


emmet02 Registered User

Hi there, looking for a set of wheels for my racer. Its about 30 years old, and the rear axle is losing its threads so the wheel doesn't stay aligned too well.

I'm really looking for a set of older racing wheels if possible?

Hoping somebody might have an old bike for spares somewhere, and wouldn't mind losing their wheels?

zebrawombat Registered User

Ithink I have some sprints in the attic GP 4's probably.
Have you got some tubular tyres?

emmet02 Registered User


I'd love to say yes, but i don't know what they are...

Not really too well versed in biking

jethro Registered User

Does anyone know if it would be ok to put a set of hybrid type tyres on a racing bike. The racer i have is aluminium frame, not too high a spec. I was looking at the price of new hybrids, some cost around 600 euro. You would think if you got a decent second hand racer weighing around 10 kgs and put some thicker tyres on it, that it would be cheaper.

Does anyone know if this would work?

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