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Hi there,

just wondering if anyone had any experience of or had heard anything about system 10 weight loss. Now i'm a big lad who lost three and a half stone on lipotrim six months ago but have put a stone back on putting me back to just under 20 stone. I'm 6'2 and looking to offload another three stone. i read the lipotrim thread with interest and know that long term diets ain't the best solution. However i know if i don't get back in some kind of diet routine i'll ut the weight back on. I get to the gym at least twice a week and have an hours cardio workout. Any ideas on my next approach would be appreciated.

cheers Tinner

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I attended a dietician for a while and she quite simply said " Move more and eat less" Kinda sums it up.
Also read the sticky by Transform, good advice.

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I interviewed the system 10 people when I was manager of Star Fitness adn looking for a weight loss system to offer our customers. Initially it sounded great, the whole metabolic change thing was a great line, but after I asked them some basic nutritional questions and they couldn't answer them it became very clear to me that this was just another get rich with weight loss scheme.

Tinner77 well doe on your initial weight loss its an great achievement but I;m troubled by your statment -

i read the lipotrim thread with interest and know that long term diets ain't the best solution.
- from my expereinece as a professional trainer and weight loss coach I can tell you with absolute confidence that having investiagted every possible quick weight loss solution that a long term diet is the ONLY LONG TERM solution.

A diet doesn't necessarily mean starving yourself and eating the foods you hate..a diet is just addresing and understanding that you can have "X" amount of calories per day in order to maintain steady and safe weight loss. You can make up that number with tasty nutricious foods that will benefit you as a whole and not just from a weight loss perspective.

A long term DIET has negative conotations perhaps you should consider it a long term meal strategy or lifestlye change.

I wish you success,


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thanks for getting back to me, sorry i meant to say long term, crash diets are not the answer. my local gym are pushing the system 10 selling the dream, thanks for saving me €180. i'm not happy if its rubbish, not really surprized though, why they pushing it and will my cardio plan be rubbish too?
the main attraction with these plans is they tell you what to eat and in my case drink. if it's not written down you don't eat it and their's no bigger motivation than losing 8pounds in a week, even if it is water and muscle mass

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I have lost five stone with Lipotrim and now almost a stone with Cambridge Diet and I can speak from experience that if you follow these diets as they are meant to be followed you will lost weight and stay healthy.

The secret of diet success is to find a diet that suits you.

The situation I was in at 18 stone was that I had no energy as I was tired all the time and no breath, had difficulty walking let alone exercising so I was caught in a cycle.

Now that I have lost weight I once again enjoy the pleasure of walking and exercising and I feel I have my life back again.

Like most people who have a lot of weight too lose, I tried most diets and while most of them where good in their own right I found it difficult to lose weight and stay motivated while on them.

Lipotrim gave me results fast and this for me was the motivation to keep me going and provided light at the end of the tunnel.

Now I am more aware of my trigger foods that can set me off as well as trigger situations from anger, holidays or certain people and so on.

I have also learned how to deal with my stress which I think is another key area.

Formal exercise programmes are excellent for many reasons but will not compensate for over eating. But are so important for your health, you can start small with simple stretch exercise and increase your daily energy expenditure by doing task you enjoy from gardening, to windown shopping as the more you do the more calories your body will be using.

Never give up hope and help is out there...

Love MiniMins xxx

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If you are only doing 2 hours of exercise per week I would recommend doing weight work. If I was in your shoes it would be just weight work (if I was only to do 2 hours a week).
On a calorie deficit you risk loosing muscle mass. Lifting weights will allow you gain muscle and boost your metabolism on your days off, more that what your cardio work will. You will burn about the same calories in your 2 hours doing weights or cardio. But on the days off your body is using up calories building new muscle (sort of like how pregnant women need to eat more for the growing baby).

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