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Page 9 of todays Metro has a planning application to Dublin City Council. Let me copy it for you so you can understand my interest ----

"Dublin City Council - Planning Permission is sought by Dublin Coastal Development, Ltd. to reclaim 300 hectares of coastal waters for construction of three islands zoned as urban/suburban including 4 mile dual carraigeway, 1 mile viaduct, aerodrome, 4 mile railway line, 180 square metre railway station, 42,000 3, 4 and 5 bed appartments and villas, three playgrounds, one zoo, 72 multi-story office blocks with car-parks, three 120 berth marinas, roundabouts, two multi-story shopping malls, 200 retail units, 75 restaurants, two multi-screen cinemas, three theatres, 28 licensed premises, two schools, 23 casinos, seven hotels, 30 hectarea of green belt, three 18 hole gofl courses.


Now you see my intererst, so I logged onto the site and got "COMING SOON!". To further my cuiosity googled "Dublin Coastal Development", and the first link I got was this: http://dublincoastal.imeem.com/video/2wikmKG9/the_dublin_coastal_development/. Take a look.

How was a plan like this kept quiet until now? It's impressive, and could end up looking like Dubai (except with rain).

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just noticed that I have a couple of typos in the quote, I apologise to whomever I need to apologise.

Fajitas! Registered User

That's mental!

It seems like a spoof...but like, if planning permission went in...it could be a very big spoof.

Very kitch though, with the green shamrock and all that...

Archeron Registered User

Great link, thanks for posting. Wow wow and wow! I'd be massively impressed by a development like this. I hope its not a fake.

Fingers crossed!

fjon Registered User

It really does sounds like a joke:
"Howth 2 - an exact replica of Howth on the Southside"

ikol Registered User

have you seen the end of the video linking to www.funda.ie/win
all an advertisement for a new property website

Archeron Registered User

Hmm. Dodgy. There are no links on google to anything on this development or the supposed japanese company who are supposed to be doing it, and something on this scale would have to be being talked about elsewhere as well. Ah well. Nice to see what it would be like if something like this ever did happen.

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From a whois search, the website www.dublincoastaldevelopment.com as listed in the paper belongs to Gary Delaney of Clogher Road, Crumlin. Is this the HQ of the global Wasaki Corporation?

Nice looking website, but a bit thin on content.

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raheny red Registered User

The worlds only giraffe only zoo*

Shamrock City, a world on water that can be seen from space

I've just pished myself laughing

*Why would anyone go to a zoo to just see giraffes

BendiBus Registered User

Giraffes are really cool

Where did you get the giraffe zoo info from?

Edit: The site only accepts registration from professionals at management level earning in excess of €100K and over 30 years old I only qualify on one count

lightening Registered User

Dubai in the rain! classic. Dubai looks awful. This looks worse. It HAS to be a joke.

raheny red Registered User

Giraffes are really cool

Where did you get the giraffe zoo info from?

It's in the clip.

johnnyrotten Registered User

Its a hoax

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