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I'm interested to hear anything on this topic, namely I've got an Aritech CS350 alarm with low battery warning (for a few months). It's beeping every minute or so lately which is very annoying and I would like to try to change the battery myself if possible (before it goes mental again - it did about 2 months ago and I haven't used it since). I'm wondering is it very difficult to change a battery in one of these things?

Any tips would be very gratefully received.

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No. 2 screws to open the box, the alarm will sound, put in your code, that will stop it then there are just 2 terminals on the battery. Be careful when you are putting in the new battery, there isnt a lot of room , so try to get it into the same spot without disturbing the wires into the panel. The battery is 12v 7.2Ah available from most electrical wholesalers.

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I changed one a couple of weeks ago for a friend. Just unscrew the panel, this will set off the alarm as it has a tamper detector. Use your code to disarm. Just swap the battery with a new one, a 12 volt 2.8 Amp Hour battery. Make sure you keep the same polarity as the old battery. You can get the batteries in electrical suppliers. I picked it up for less than €10. Switch off the breaker which powers the alarm panel first or failing this remove the fuse in the panel itself. It will take a couple of minutes for the low battery message to go.

Edit: Woops, I'm a slow replier, Pataman's message wasn't there when I clicked reply.
Pataman: Does the Ah make much difference? I presume it just lasts longer. The instructions told me to use a 2.8Ah battery but the supplier gave me a 3.2Ah and the one I removed was a 7.2Ah as far as I can remember.

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The only difference is that it will last longer in an outage. However I wouldn't be in favour of removing the fuse or turning off the power. Some alarms( you should be ok with the cs350) lose their settings when power and battery are removed. Check to see if LK1 is in place before you remove the power, if it is then its ok to turn off mains aswell. For info, you reset the cs350 to factory settings by removing power, battery and LK1.

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I thought you needed the eng. code to switch off the alarm when you remove the panel to change the battery? Not the alarm code. I could be wrong. Either way, its easy enough

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I had read on an alarm help forum to remove the power source but I didn't as I was afraid the alarm would lose it's settings.
Lex, with the CS350 it's just your own code to disarm, not the engineering code.

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FX Meister

Lex, with the CS350 it's just your own code to disarm, not the engineering code.

good to know...thanks

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Thanks a lot guys, you all managed to give me exactly the information and advice I need. I'm just curious, before I tackle it, I'd like to know what the LK1 is that you refer to?
Thanks again,

Pataman Registered User

This is only for resetting the panel back to factory defaults, Dont touch(unless you are Fr Dougal)

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No, I won't touch the big red button Ted, I won't. But I'm just interested to know how do I know if my alarm has a LK1 (whatever that is?), since you say that if it does, then I can turn off the mains aswell to make sure I don't fry my ass.... If it doesn't have one, then I'll just have to mess around with the mains switched on Ted...

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oh my god, that was unbelievably simple.
I can't believe the technician wanted to charge me 115 euro for that..
ye saved me a bundle of cash, thanks lads.
It's actually as simple as the above posts suggest, just open
the panel, alarm goes off, enter code, alarm stops, remove old battery,
insert new battery, plug in the 2 terminals as in the same polarity as
they were and replace the panel. However, if you are an eejit when it
comes to electricity and you don't know what precautions to take, I'd
suggest you don't take any risks and find someone who does know how
to work around electricity.
Thanks again to all who helped

copperwr Registered User

ok, now that the battery is installed, the LED warning light has gone off for that, but the display is reading 'cabinet tamper, blah blah blah' and it's started chirping again. I'm assuming the chirping is due to the cabinet tamper, so any idea how to shut it up?

Is it that I've failed to replace the cabinet door properly, I've been reading about tamper switches and springs and the like but failed to notice anything when poking around.... or is there something I have to do on the panel to make the error message go away?
that chirping is driving me mad, grrrr....

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Sounds like the lid is not on properly. When replacing the lid you should listen out for the click of the tamper switch closing. Also check that the spring is straight

copperwr Registered User

Thanks for your post,
I've considered that possibility alright, though when I went to open it a few minutes ago the alarm went off again, implying that the tamper switch is active... even if the cover is not back on properly... is that possible?

Can the tamper switch be active and yet the cover not properly secured which would cause the chirping??

Pataman Registered User


Can the tamper switch be active and yet the cover not properly secured which would cause the chirping??

Not likely. The tamper is a spring just above the wiring terminals. They often get snagged by the wires when closing. Just gently push the wires out of the way and you should be fine.

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