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Hey folks,

About time we had a sticky for links that users of this forum may find interesting. Links don't have to be specifically atheist/agnostic related, but should have some relevance to the topics that crop up here. It might also be best to keep links to news articles or humour pages (with the exception of the Lego Bible) to individual threads.

Go forth and add links...

Dades Would you like to know more?

To get the ball rolling...

Wiki on Atheism
So you think you know what atheism is?

The Irish Atheists
Does what it says on the tin.
"A community where like minded people can share the experience of being non-religious in Ireland."

The Brights Network
Unfortunately named proactive movement looking for individuals "whose worldview is naturalistic free from supernatural and mystical elements".

pH Registered User

Wiki on Agnosticism

Wiki on Ignosticism

Why does God hate Amputees?
(Unsubtle and straight to the point - but I like it)

robindch Moderator

Religious Tolerance:
Even-handed discussion of religions

Respectful Insolence:
A surgeon's science blog

Daylight Atheism:
Prolific atheist writer writes prolifically on atheism

Freedom from Religion Foundation: (see the Atheist Cookbook )

Positive Atheism:
History of atheist philosophy. Contains an excellent quotations section.

Action Skeptics:
Er, the continuity skeptics. "Annoying stupid people, one woo at a time."

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This one is brilliant for all you sceptics:

Here's some on nontheism. Nontheism is the absence of belief in both the existence and non-existence of a deity:

Antitheism is a direct opposition to theism. Here is more info on it:

Say NO to religion: (VERY interesting)

I hope these links have been benefitial to some.

Dades Would you like to know more?

Good info and advice with a personal touch on getting interred on your own plot.

Info on non-credal funerals with the Unitarians.

fobster Registered User

An interesting website exploring many things regarding science, god and the universe.

Zillah Registered User


An interesting website exploring many things regarding science, god and the universe.

Oh my, that website is awful. Amateurish sophistries, nothing more.

aidan24326 Registered User

So unsubtle it's funny.

robindch Moderator

Our religious friends who feel "bashed" should try out Ingersoll. Makes Dawkins and the current crop of anti-religionists look like pansies:

karen3212 Registered User
karen3212 Registered User

this one is daniel dennet - a bit short but interesting.

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