ciaran75 Registered User

Hi Guys,

I'm looking at taking the bass lessons in Waltons.
Just wondering has anyone had bass lessons there, if so what were they like?

I would be a pretty good bass player but i think i've gotten as good as i'm going to on my own. I've no problem keeping time, reading tabs and playing about 99% of songs i try. But i'm useless at theory and slap bass.

Also, Is there anyone else people have used who they thought were really good.

Any advise would be great.


dbs_sailor Registered User

waltons! it's a fair bit of money to splash out for just theory and a bit of work going into your slap technique... get a private teacher!

pm me if you can't find one!

novarock Registered User

Theres a guy in coolock named Bill Bergin who is an excellent teacher. I went to him for a while, PM for details.

ciaran75 Registered User

thanks guys,

How much does Bill Bergin cost and how long does each lesson last.


novarock Registered User

well when i went to him he was 20 euro an hour, but well worth it

JacoStanley Registered User

I'll second Bill Bergin. Great player.

knockmark Registered User

any bass teachers livin near town on the south side??

the flananator Registered User

I'm looking for bass lessons as well. I live in Kildare, can anyone help me out? Thanks

feylya Moderator

Please don't drag up old posts. Here is the thread you need:

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