I think this is good news for the city, hopefully it will lead to an increase in students in the city and further Limerick as an academic centre.

Griffith College Opens in Limerick

Press Release
Monday, September 4th, 2006

Griffith College is delighted to announce the integration of the Mid West Business Institute (MWBI) into Griffith College from September 1st. MWBI is based in the Old Town Hall building in Rutland Street, in Limerick. As of this month, MWBI will be re-named Griffith College Limerick.

Griffith College is the largest independent third level college in Ireland and provides accredited training to over 8,000 full and part-time students annually across a wide range of professional and academic programmes. Griffith opened in Cork city last year and boasts 1,000 students in attendance. Griffith College now has campuses in Dublin, Cork, Limerick and overseas campuses in Karachi and Moscow.

Commenting on the move to Limerick, Griffith College Chairman, Diarmuid Hegarty said, “Griffith has been providing courses in the mid-west region for over thirty years. We have now come here on a permanent basis to join forces with the staff at MWBI and offer a real choice to students in the locality.”

He continued: “The opening of Griffith College Limerick represents new opportunities for people in the region to improve their qualifications and enhance their career prospects because they can now avail of a wider range of courses at higher levels both on a part time and full time basis.”

From 2007 Griffith College intend to offer a number of its academic and professional programmes in Limerick including a degree in Accounting and Finance. Griffith also intends to work with its higher education accreditation partners to provide academic programmes at degree and post-graduate level.

jared Registered User

I did a course in griffith college limerick and myself and my class were so disappointed with the course and the facilities. IT WAS AN ABSOLUTE MESS EVERYTHING ABOUT THE PLACE WAS JUST... WELL CRAP AND BADLY RUN. Biggest waste of time so angry can`t believe they can portray themselves as a private college above public standards. You may as well through your money down the drain.

ninty9er Registered User

jared said:
You may as well through your money down the drain.


I've heard mixed reviews through a few people alright though.

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